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3 Ways To Make Money With Your POO

Your poo is actually a very needed material in the word at large. According to researches.



your poo

Okay! Hold up. I am not crazy if that’s what you are thinking right now by virtue of the title of this post. Your poo is actually a source of income if you let it. So, my question to you right now is, are you willing to know how? then continue reading to learn more about your precious Poo. Lol!!

Alright dear reader. Your poo is actually a very needed material in the word at  large. According to researches; 

Human waste plays a vital role in providing food and sustaining livelihoods throughout the developing world. … Such dewatered sludge is very high in organic matter, which means that it can be composted in conjunction with other solid organic waste to produce an excellent crop fertiliser.

So can you see that your waste is not really ‘a waste’ in the outward parts of our lives. So what then do we have to do with our poo to raise some cash?

1. Bargain with a nearby Farmer Around your household(Be A Donor):

Would it make sense pooing in the open, of course not. That’s immature but seeking a way to package your poo to aid the farmer fertilize his farmland before planting kicks off wouldn’t be a bad idea for some cool cash in exchange. Are you feeling weird reading this? wait up! Ain’t cow dungs poo too? They’re also used to fertilize same land that brought forth the food you eat. So, seeking ways to use human wastes to fertilize farmlands in a more safer way can yield you some good money in time.


2. Start-Up a human waste collection company:

This may sound crazy and weird but it is actually a good business idea. Do you know why? People poo everyday my friend and hence, raw material for your business is never an issue as there would always be human waste to collect round the city to convert to well packaged fertilizer for farmers use. Are you in or out?

3. Create Electrical Energy With It to Power your home:

According to, Greenhouses require high temperatures, which can affect one’s utility bill. But if you have access to horse manure (your poo can fit in here), your property can become a self-sufficient operation. Eagle Creek Wholesale in Ohio, for example, uses a mixture of horse poo and sawdust to heat enclosed areas. The poop fuel is burned at temperatures of up to 660 degrees.

Can you see that there is a lot energy from your poo when it’s heated? Would you try this to see how it goes?


Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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