3 Lies You Tell Yourself About Money

It is very possible to lie to yourself as regards money.

money management

Making money is really hard many believe and at any slightest opportunity, most people would swipe in to make some extra cash. This is understandable but at a long run, how you spend the money you make matters a lot. Most times as regards finance, you can be lying to yourself without even knowing that you are deceiving yourself. 

We will be looking at some wrong thoughts about finance right away. Find what category of the finance self-inflicted lies you may have fallen into and push through to exit that room to some light as regards your finance.


1. Just spend it Anyhow, you deserve a treat:

This statement has gotten many into spending their hard earned money without some caution and budgeting. They just in a bid to catch some fun and good treat, spend without checks and balances. While giving yourself a good treat from your hard earned cash, be smart as well so that you will always have something to fall back to in time. Emergency funds are very important.


2. Don’t worry, tomorrow will take care of itself:

The above statement has consumed the sound wave as far as finance is concerned. Many spend way too much per day believing that the next days will always take care of themselves and that there is nothing you can do to influence it. Actually, that’s a lie. As far as financial management is concerned, it is never advisable to go ahead blotting out tomorrow in your  spending. Being conscious of tomorrow is key to you having some saving plans per income. Start today to take care of your tomorrow by saving some little cash before you swipe on the expenditures.


3. Money is Evil:

Many get religious about finance these days. There is nothing evil about money. If you must relate evil and finance, then it should be in terms of ‘how’ the money was made. If you make money via robbery, scam, extortion, then your acts that led to making money is the ‘Evil’. That’s why the Holy bible states in 1 Timothy 6:10 that;

“the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”


So, watch what drives you as regards making some cash daily. Is it evil?


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Written by Ike Ani

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