“30 Must-Have Experiences For Start-Up Entrepreneurs In Africa ” – Chinonso Ogbogu

Entrepreneur Chinonso Ogbogu

According to one of Nigeria’s top entrepreneurship trainers by name Chinonso Ogbogu has these experiences to share for all start up entrepreneurs all across the world.

Entrepreneur Chinonso Ogbogu

If you are an entrepreneur just starting out in business, CHANCES are that:

1. You will eat late.

2. You will cut off certain friends.

3. You will sleep late.

4. You will over work.

5. You will suffer or cause heart break.

6. You will forget to make your bed.

7. You will cry at night.

8. You will go broke.

9. You will travel long distance.

10. You will attend several fruitless meetings.

11. You will forget to pay your rent or NEPA bills.

12. You will end your relationship.

13. You will fall sick.

14. You will lose your temper.

15. You will hire wrongly.

16. You will stand your date up.

17. You will lose your best talent.

18. You will write countless proposals.

19. You will spend money on airtime or data.

20. You will attract critics or naysayers.

21. You will get confused.

22. You will lose money.

23. You will annoy some clients.

24. You will miss your family.

25. You will think village people are after you.

26. You will land yourself in debts.

27. You will pretend like all is well.

28. You will hate to go to office.

29. You will fail.

30. You will win.

Las, Las body go tell you!

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