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Facebook Craziest Posts Of 2018

craziest facebook post types 2018

Whilst Facebook has served as a great media for diverse business across the globe,  it is also a social network where people socialize and interact with each other on a daily basis.  However,  some Facebook users most of the time don’t know the boundary between a personal secret life and that of social activities.  Most have made the mistake of bringing to the global communities their intimate affairs which has at a long run messed up their lives.

In this post,  we shall pick point some of these erroneous posts we tagged “craziest” 😁 👍

1. Sharing Secret Personal Details On Timeline 

In 2018, carelessness in feeds update has become a simple thing to do as far as sharing sensitive personal information is concerned on Facebook.  Many see it as nothing serious but it has led to heavy scandals for lots of users. Some users go as far as ignorantly posting some transaction receipts in a bid to show off and end up having their accounts hacked and leading to some financial hacks that leaves them bitter.


2. Revenge Porn Leaks Posting:

This year, Facebook has recorded lots of revenge porn leaks and lots of other gory posts ranging from sexual assault on livestream to leaks of sexual encounters recorded without consent of whom it was meant to damage. Facebook 2018 has been that crazy and heartbreaking altogether.


3. Bunchy lies by African Politicians:

Facebook in 2018 become the home for lies for most African politicians. They open up pages and groups to deceive so many into following their dirty lies all in a bid to win elections in their home countries. This has worked in a mega way as many users are yet to understand how the media circle works in real life.

These above post types/categories are just a few we decided to pick point for the now but do let us know if there are other crazy Facebook post types we missed out on by dropping them in your comments below.

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Written by Ike Ani

Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.


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