5 Signs of Irresponsibility shown by Men in Nigeria


There are certain characters shown by some men that depicts irresponsibility. these acts or rather attitudes has left many homes,friendships shattered because its aftermath effects are usually disasterous. this article will be pick-pointing some  signs that shows irresponsibility in men. these points are not to judge but to expose the wrongs which makes a man irresponsible. these things are better talked about than overlooked.

1. Discussing Family issues in Public:
  This act is one which has to do with sharing with the public an issue which is a family thing. the public will only hear but can never understand with you or give any serious helpful recommendations because when everybody is talking, nobody is talking.

2. Arguing or Nagging When a Responsibility Arises:
  Some men display this act when their wives or children talk to them about a need in the home. the truth is whether you have the capacity to do it or not, just listen and never argue because it will mean you do not desire to take up any responsibility that pertains the home. showing care is paramount.

3. Starving The Home Of Your Time:
  The greatest gift one can ever give his loved ones is time. when you share the time you have with your family, trust and love will grow but the absence of time sharing gives room for suspicion and hate which will lead to fightS and quarrels most times.

4. Having More Love For The Outside Than The Home:
  When you cherish your friends ,work or outside events than your home, you’ll gradually shift your love for the home to the outside world. this singular act alone demolishes the foundation of your home.
Watch out for the things that steals your heart away from your beloved home.

5. Transferring Aggressions On Your Family Member:
  Sometimes you may be annoyed or offended at work or something. these events are normal but what becomes abnormal or wrong is when you get home and shift the aggression on your innocent loved ones. this will give room for more anger which may give birth to hatred and can learn more on the effects of transferred aggression Here.

The above signs are better taken note of than ignored. some men are guilty of the above acts but that doesn’t mean they are bad cause sometimes they may not know that it is that serious in terms of its effects on their homes. all men can be loving and caring if they put their heart to it.


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Written by Ike Ani

Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.


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