Best Of Rihanna’s Songs In Audition 2018 (VIDEO)

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Rhianna has made loads of hit songs that have made top-chart worldwide since she kick started her music career.  She’s got loads of fans loving her music and her unique voice and this has led to several Rihanna wannabes  singing her songs at voice auditions worldwide.  From Britains Got Talent  to Americans Got Talent to as well as others such as The Voice America, and other nations across the world.

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Rihanna has as well established a fashion hub for herself to keep the dollars rolling in on a clean slate while she thrive in her music career.

According to TMZ reports weeks ago,  Rihanna showed how much she despises indiscipline by throwing Cardi B out of her Diamond Ball fashion show.

We decided to bring to you today Rihanna’s best songs sang at Voice Auditions worldwide in 2018 so far.  Have fun watching this amazing video from YouTube.



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Written by Ike Ani

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