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3 Hollywood Movies That Made Love Look Cheap

3 Old Hollywood Movies that made love look cheap

Love is a beautiful thing as almost no human can survive on earth without it at different levels of life.  No matter how harsh,  insensitive a person is,  there is always a part of the person that needs love desperately. So,  we’ve seen how love is being depicted in movies by Hollywood for years now and with different scripts,  we’ve Also seen certain blockbuster movies change the love narrative of many races all across the world.  Some of these movie made love look so cheap to get and retain without struggle.  We’ll be looking at some three (3) of them in this post.

1. Coming To America (1988)

This movie changed certain narrative of love in the area of the royals across the world.  It depicted how that love finding is key to a happy home.  But,  one part of this movie that made love look so cheap was when Akeem had to follow his father back to the great kingdom and left America holding his love ‘Lisa’s and guess what,   she just showed up at the wedding with Akeem already having a  given up mind that he’s going to marry a stranger he never loved or hardly knows.

3 Old Hollywood Movies that made love look cheap

The question is,  did Akeem fight real hard for Lisa?  We think he didn’t and this may have made many to have the idea that would say “If she/he is mine,  they would just come around not minding I didn’t fight much for them to stay”. This may be true but for rare cases. Love is to be fought for real hard.


2. Love Dont cost a thing (2003)

Well,  unlike coming to America,  Nick Canon the science nerd tried to impress the young lady (Christina Milan) into liking him but couldn’t until he and her by chance entered a short while contract cause she ran into the trouble of damaging her parent’s car and Nick was her only option at the time.  Gradually,  the movie says they’re in love real hard but is love that cheap?  Can love really be bought by Impressions?

3 Old Hollywood Movies that made love look cheap

It all started from the angle of what he could do for her to she loving him fully unlike when She would look at him as nerd in school.

3. “I am In Love with a Church Girl ” (2013)

So this tough drug dealer guy (Ja Rule)  just bumps into this fine looking church girl and ka-boom he gradually begins to like her and not minding his deadly deals she also keyed into his advances and Yaay!  They’re both in love. Hello?  He acted all cool and loving despite his deadly deals.  Who says love coming from a given source shouldn’t be questioned not minding its genuity?

3 Old Hollywood Movies that made love look cheap

It was a great love movie to see but it also like others above made love look so cheap as one party was just swinged into love like a child’s play.  Or is love child’s play after all?

Let us know what you think about the list of movies above with regards to Love being made cheap to get from anyone of interest.  Drop a comment below


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