Rapper Lil Kim Turns Into An Ugly Barbie, Looks Scary (PHOTOS)

Rapper Lil Kim new looks 2018

Shocking photos of Rapper Lil Kim has been making rounds on the internet for hours now.  It shows her looking like an African Barbie doll, so scary with the lips looking as if she got them pumped or something.  She looks so different and her former looks seems to be better.

Rapper Lil Kim new looks 2018

Lil Kim is also a Grammy Award winner and has made some good records for herself in the game.  Her hair looked so dramatic as it shew yellow in high magnitude.  😁

Rapper Lil Kim new looks 2018

Check out a hilarious comment that MTONews found on SM about Rapper Lil Kim.  👇

Barely looks human tbh

Smh Father your kids. Especially your daughters. Give them pride and self esteem early on so they don’t end up like this.

I’m convinced(and have been for a while) that she doesn’t have anyone around her that loves her.

What’s your take on her new looks?


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