Tamera Mowry’s Husband Quit Fox News

Tamera Mowry and husband
SANTA MONICA, CA - APRIL 4: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) (L-R) Tamera Mowry-Housley, Aden Housley and Adam Housley attend Tamera Mowry-Housley's baby shower at Casa Del Mar on April 4, 2015 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/WireImage)

Tamera Mowry from The Real is about to be the sole breadwinner in her family. Her husband Adam decided to RETIRE, and stay at home to raise their kids. The couple has two children, Aden, age 5, and Ariah, age 2,

Adam worked for the RIGHT WING television network for the past 20 years – and worked on some truly HORRIFYING stories. But now that Tamera Mowry has a secure (and well paying) job, Adam has decided that he’s done clocking in to an office, and is going to be the Mister Mom.

Here’s what Adam told his FOX friends over social media:

‘After nearly two decades at Fox News, I have decided to leave the network and take some time in northern California to raise our two young children closer to my family.”

But being a stay-at-home dad is not always a good idea for a marriage. A recent Harvard University study found that divorce rates shot up close to 50%, when a man decided to become a stay-at-home dad.

About a year ago, Tamera Mowry was explaining how she got CHECKED by her husband after she(Tamera Mowry) made him a sandwich…

“I was actually checked by my white husband,” Tamera recalled when the discussion came around the matters of unintentional racism and prejudice. “I was making him a sandwich…and I had some mayonnaise, and I asked him, ‘Adam, do you want a lot of mayo on your sandwich?'”

kimberlé loves antoine stark & hates yosané
Lmfaooo she literally asked him if he wanted a lot of mayo on his sandwich and he got offended but we’re the sensitive ones 😩Well now that Adam will be staying at home, hopefully the roles will be REVERSED.


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