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Porsha Williams Is Pregnant (PHOTOS)

Porsha Williams is pregnant 2018
Porsha Williams is pregnant 2018 You are Reading..

Porsha Williams Is Pregnant (PHOTOS)

Atlanta Housewife Porsha Williams has been confirmed pregnant by reports online as reported by MTONews. She has been acting funny anyways for some time now. Few days back she fought at a nightclub. It could be as a result of the pregnancy usual temperamental reactions in women.

An insider has made an amazing revelation stating that at BRAVO, Porsha Williams informed the network that her storyline should be adjusted, to reflect her new pregnancy. And report also has it that the producers are hard at work re-writing her storyline. This could also make the storyline interesting anyways.

One of the Top Atlanta Housewives Producers has stated saying:  “I don’t know if Porsha’s family even knows – she wants it to be a surprise.”. 

Porsha’s pregnancy is really going to be a great surprise to many around her. It was also reported  that she and her boyfriend Dennis McKinley have no immediate plans to marry. Check her first pregnancy photo out below

porsha williams pregnancy photos


One other shocker existing already is that her pregnancy could be the very reason why Kenya was fired after all. We say this with confidence as one of the producers had this to say as the news of her pregnancy erupted: “Why do we need a Kenya pregnancy when we can have a Porsha pregnancy And Porsha isn’t a diva like Kenya.” This statement though a bit sentimental shows how much a bonus it would be to her ambitions in the Atlanta Housewives series.

But there is no yet a sign at the moment if she and her boyfriend would come up with a plan to wed as she’s now pregnant. Fingers remain crossed as to what would pop up as a result of this new development involving pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian was caught flirting with Cardi B’s Hubby ‘Offset’ few moments ago. Cardi B may not find it funny at all.




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