The breaking News today is that Rapper Lil Wayne got married secretly about 2 weeks ago in a low key ceremony outside of Phoenix, Arizona. It was also reported that his family members were absent at the secret wedding.

Lil Wayne,  the Rapper with numerous tattoos all over his body has proven to be just as cunny as the random tattoos on his body by being able to conceal a wedding until an insider around his circle snitched on him about the whole thing.  The source has this to say “Wayne’s family wasn’t there.”

Below are some screenshots proving that Lil Wayne actually got married secretly weeks ago.  👇 👇 👇

Lil Wayne gets married 2018

Lil Wayne gets married 2018

These were posted on Instagram by Dhea Sodano about Rapper Wayne.

Lil Wayne may not be happy about this new development but the world of today is not a place where such an occasion remains a secret for far too long.  Wayne won’t be glad Dhea Sodano made this post on Instagram anyways but let’s wait to see if Wayne would react to this leak 😁 😁


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