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Koffi Annan: 3 Things You Never Knew About Him

Koffi Annan and things to know about him
Koffi Annan and things to know about him You are Reading..

Koffi Annan: 3 Things You Never Knew About Him

Koffi Annan has served mankind in his own excellent way and has gone to rest with other great heroes who gave all they had up for the sake of their own kind (humans) here on earth. Koffi Annan lived from 8 April 1938 – 18 August 2018. While Alive, there are certain things you may not know about him. Every man on earth has something he loves, hates or fears as well. Here, we will outline about three (3) things you may not have known about Koffi Annan.

1. Koffi Annan Can Quit A Task If No Progress Is Made:

While serving in the UN, Koffi was once delegated to serve in the on-going Syria crisis but after several attempts to make positive progress on the task, there was nothing more other than dead end, rock bottom jam. Guess what? He quit the role given to him back then in 2012 by the UN. As cited from his biography on Wikipedia,it reads thus:

“In 2012, Annan was the UN–Arab League Joint Special Representative for Syria, to help find a resolution to the ongoing conflict there. Annan quit after becoming frustrated with the UN’s lack of progress with regard to conflict resolution”

This clearly shows that Koffi Annan can quit any task at all as long as he has given his best and it seems to be frustrated. But he always gave his best shots per time.

2. Koffi Annan Was Pretty Smart and Intelligent:

It takes being smart and intelligent per time to enjoy the kind of Privileges Koffi got in his early educational life and background. He proved beyond all reasonable doubt that he is not a waste of time on earth and hence, enjoyed certain privileges while going for the knowledge with which he changed the world around him. See what his Biography reads about his scholarship educations:

“In 1958, Koffi Annan began studying economics at the Kumasi College of Science and Technology, now the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology of Ghana. He received a Ford Foundation grant, enabling him to complete his undergraduate studies in economics at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States, in 1961.Annan was fluent in English, French, Akan, some Kru languages and other African languages.” (Wikipedia)

It takes being smart and intelligent to get blessed as aforementioned. Koffi Annan was really a pretty smart young man while growing up.

3. Koffi Annan Failed And Allegedly Led to The Death Of 800,000 Tutsis:

During the Rwandan Genocide, retired Canadian General Roméo Dallaire, reported how that Koffi failed to work in line with demands on his end to help curtail the excess killings of the Tutsis. It was so heartbreaking as Koffi himself after some years affirmed that he actually should have done better to save some lives but failed.

“Dallaire claimed that Koffi Annan failed to provide responses to his repeated faxes asking for access to a weapons depository; such weapons could have helped Dallaire defend the endangered Tutsis. In 2004, ten years after the genocide in which an estimated 800,000 people were killed, Annan said, “I could and should have done more to sound the alarm and rally support.” (Wikipedia)

Koffi Annan also hated HIV and its invasion into Africa with Passion and fought it with all his might. This selfless service to humanity won the Annan Some Noble Peace Prize awards. Africa is sure proud of Koffi Annan. May his soul continue to rest in Peace. Amen




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