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Ella Mai’s Net worth, Biography And Lifestyle 2018-2019

Ella Mai's Net worth
Ella Mai's Net worth You are Reading..

Ella Mai’s Net worth, Biography And Lifestyle 2018-2019

Ella Mai is one of the youngest R&B singers the world has been blessed with. She’s currently 23 years old but will be 24 by November 2018. Ella Mai has shown a heart of bravery to have made it strong to the current page of charts where her music is being ranked today. Below are some summaries of Ella Mai’s Net Worth, Biography and Lifestyle  in the year 2018 and probably into 2019. Take a read .


Ella Mai was born on Thursday 3rd, November 1994 in England. Her birth sign is Scorpio. She’s an R&B Singer. Her hit track “Boo’d Up’ Made top charts in recent times. She currently resides in U.S. She lives in New York.


Ella as an R&B Singer surely must be a lover of nice vibes and lots of outing at the club and from the little we’ve gathered, Ella Mai has got lots of pals from within the R&B circle. Ella Mai is not in a open relationship or probably single. She was previously in a romantic relationship with Arize a fellow famous musician. The duo dated for a while before they reportedly broke up. Just recently, we discovered that Ella is a lesbian as she’s now dating Kehlani her Fellow R&B singer in the Music Industry.

More On Ella Mai Being A Lesbian….

Ella Mai is reportedly now dating R&B singer Kehlani who is also her friend. A sultry, Lesbian steamy hot photo of them both has surfaced online. Kehlani has sometimes ago come out as a Bisexual with a female as her highest preference when it comes to gender selection.

See Her Lesbian Photo HERE

Ella Mai and Kehlani has been two close friends who shared the same industry lifestyle together and a reliable source close to them in the industry has this to say “I think they’re dating on the low. Kehlani is open with her sexuality, but I think Ella Mai is worried that it could effect her image.”


Ella Mai’s Net worth is estimated to be $600,000. This shows that Ella Mai’s Net Worth increased tremendously because as at last year, she was worth $450,000.


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