Cardi B And Pals Fight Stripper Who Cheated With Offset

Cardi B and Pals Fight Stripper

Cardi B is currently being accused of getting a NYC Stripper jumped by her pals – after she suspected the girl was cheating with her husband Offset. Cardi  may be a top music artist – but she’s still About that life of the streets.

The nasty incident took place at the Top NYC strip club Angels – where the dancer was working as usual. According to reports, Cardi B believed the dancer was messing with her husband Offset – so she decided to accompany her husband and the Migos to Aces – where they were holding the after party for their concert.

And here’s what Cardi B was wearing that night – she looks like she was ready for a FIGHT:

Reports say that the stripper accused of sleeping with Offset was Told not to dance that night. She came out anyway, and then Cardi B’s friends – who are affiliated with the Bloods – jumped the girl. Here is the video.

Below here is the dancer’s response. She claims that she does NOT mess with Offset in any way.

Cardi B and Pals Beat up Stripper 1

Cardi B and Pals Beat up Stripper 1

Cardi B and Pals Beat up Stripper 1

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