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5 Best Digital Marketing Jobs, Strategies In USA, UK 2018

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5 Best Digital Marketing Jobs, Strategies In USA, UK 2018

Digitally in terms of marketing, there are diverse ways with which we can create awareness for the new market and as well make sales of products in turns. Online today, there are so many things to leverage on to get the target prospects who will eventually become returning customers as well. Summarily on this piece are some trending strategies that would help in creating awareness and attracting the needed and desired kinds of customers for the new market.

1. Video Ads:
Video ads are still kings in the digital marketing world of today. What people watch, they don’t forget. Video ads will help greatly. Ways to promote video ads includes; Popular Facebook Marketing Pages/groups, Nigerian Youtube business channels, TV shows etc that are predominantly targeting the prospects location.

2. Interactive Emails:
There is something gratifying about being able to interact with emails right in your inbox without having to open another page. With the aid of integrated HTML and CSS, this is quickly becoming a much-used tool in digital marketing. Customers will appreciate this added functionality and it may convince them to interact with the email even more.

3. Social videos will explode in popularity:
In 2017, the millions of social media users always hunger for entertainment videos online while having a nice time chatting. So a social, entertaining video will work magic in creating awareness of the new market and as well attract customers within Abuja and beyond. With so much users relying on social media for video entertainment, the importance of using these platforms to launch marketing campaigns will become even more important. Video uploads on Facebook alone have grown to 75% over last year. And with over a billion views every day, marketing managers are taking new interest in Facebook and other social media platforms to run their marketing campaigns. So this is an edge to leverage on.

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4. Mobile SMS:
Another smart way of reaching the target prospects is via SMS using the popular communication companies in Nigeria such as MTN, Airtel and glo. Subscribing with them to help send out customized Advert SMS to target customers within target location.

5. Digital Billboard Advertising:
One of the trending advertising strategies these days is the digital billboards which are usually situated at strategic points within and outside the city. This media has created leads for companies in times past and present and will as well help to draw massive traffic of target customers to the new market.

Haven read through these strategies, you can also see that they are in themselves great jobs you can venture into in Digital marketing in the USA, UK, and other parts of the world in 2018.

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