“The Guardian” Displays Racism Against Nigeria’s Super Eagle’s Win(PHOTOS)


Racism will never go away, not until Africa rises up and takes control of writing her own history.
When England won via a last minute goal by Kane, the whole Western media gushed about a glorious win. Senegal led Poland comfortably by two goals until they pulled one back, and the failing New York Times said “Senegal SNEAK past Poland” (emphasis mine). “Sneak” was the word they reserved for a Senegalese team that outplayed Poland throughout the match.
Not to be outdone, The Guardian chose this yeye headline to announce Nigeria’s win. They’re basically saying all that sweat yesterday by the Super Eagles was just to help Argentina. It may well turn out that way, but what will it cost to praise a Nigerian team that hands down beat a team Argentina could not beat? Will it end gay marriage if they gave accolades to a team that earned it? Then they said Iceland was “wasteful” all in the same sentence. Are we talking about the same match here please?
Casual racism is Oyibo’s (The whites) favourite past time. I myself has had a load of experiences of such blatant shows of “izzit ur country” right here in the western region. One day I will talk about this.Africa, wake up. Making speeches to the United Nations will not make these people stop. Deep down in their sinews, this feeling of superiority is still there. They may give you the platform to make your speech, but that’s just to make you feel good. Fix your continent. Take control of your history. That’s the only lasting solution.
Written By :A concerned African 


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