#INSPIRATION: The Right Time For A Bath In Our Lives


In the physical, we all know,  feel and timely see the basic importance of taking our bath regularly all for the sake of hygiene. This shows that physically, we are so conscious of sanity and cleanliness on the outside as humans  but how about the intellectual and spiritual parts of our lives?
We have so much gotten busy that we no longer take our baths regularly as supposed in the abstract crucial realms of human living.  We are in a generation where everybody is so goal driven whether positive or negative and hence are most times too busy with activities and gradually,  we create our own demons which hunt us in and out of season.  While being goal driven in the 21st century,  most of us have ignorantly neglected the place of personal reflection,  mind renewals,  personal retreats,  deep life meditations etc which is our bathroom where we fight all the battles in an abstract manner so that winning physically becomes much easier.
The little times we have to meditate and have personal reflections, we spend all of them here on Facebook and other platforms and gradually,  what others post on their timelines becomes our premise of reflection after our daily jobs or businesses. Here actually is how we create our own demons in these days of ours. Other people’s opinions which you read on your feeds becomes your reality without any linkage or reference to your own personal discoveries – Oh well, we had none anyways since we were too busy to see a need for it.
Timely spiritual and intellectual bath of the mind (Our battlefield)  is very very important. Remember that the hours the sun rises,  the atmosphere is quiet and serene – Employ its Rhema to experience a better you.
“Don’t just bath 🛀 physically but also bath intellectually, spiritually, and otherwise – Be ever  willing  to learn, empty your cup and re-learn over and over again. “
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