3 Interesting Facts About Arc. Julius Jerrison


Arc. Julius Jerrison Kussiy being an Architect  by profession  has inculcated the principles of building infrastructures to relate to his roots and people and he has come up with a strategy that will make his place and people become known for good, positive results in human and mineral resources diversification.  
Where there is vision, then the people  are safe and covered in a plan and purpose with reference  to time and here is a man who understands  how  measurements  of parameters works in time.  
In the 21st century,  geeks such as Arc.  Julius is what the good people of Nigeria needs.  We need to grow and build. 
Below are some Three(3) interesting  facts about him you need to know. 
1. He’s  Amazingly  Logical.:
Being an architect,  he has by skills developed his logical reasoning  to a great level of IQ which  is a needed virtue in leadership  and society building today in the world.  
2. He’s  Versatile  In his views About life:
Monitoring  his way of life,  we’ve  come to find out that Arc.  Julius  loves adventures and that’s why you can find him going from nation to nation gaining  diverse experiences  and knowledge  for the sake of building himself  up.  A man who builds himself up can equally  build others up as he by experience  has come to enjoy the dividends of self development.  He can equally  relate to this sphere excellently. 
3. He has a Heart for his Roots(People): 
It is not everyoone who has grown to Arc. Julius level would want to serve his own people. Many would choose to just live their lives all for themselves  and care less about what happens to their own people but here is Arc. Julius Jerrison  Kussiy, willing to risk  all he is for the sole aim of serving his people. Men who come out willfully  to serve deserves some countless accolades.  Arc.  Julius Jerrison  Kussiy is one of them.  
Written By: Ikechukwu  Ani
Courtesy: Emmanuel  Jerry


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