“How To Know The Wrong Partner” – By Cynthia Offor

When you’re with the wrong partner,you will always see the signs but maybe too arrogant to see it. Maybe you do but you keep deceiving yourself that they will change. Well,you have to stop deceiving yourself anyway.
When you’re with the wrong partner,they will always see you as a nag anytime you try to communicate with them and if you decide not to,they will say you’re hiding something from them. Try to know what they are upto,they will say you’re too sticky or invading their privacy,try not to,they will say you don’t care.
Try to reason out something with them,they will say you’re disrespectful and decide to keep to yourself,they will say you’re pushing them away. Nothing you do excites or impresses them. They will keep complaining and seeing faults in all you do. They will keep seeing the negative. You should have to stop dating left and date right. 
It’s surprising how such partner can hang out with the friends,laugh and play together. Chat with the colleagues at work and jump around in church. It’s funny how that partner will talk to other people and never get tirrd. Pay attention to other peoples problems,understand and even prefer solutions to them happily. 
It’s simply amazing how other people’s problems bother them and how fast they are willing to help but when it comes to you,it becomes another story. They become cold to their you. So uninteresting,dull and dump. They wouldn’t make such jokes they do make outside with you nor even jump around you or listen to you. No matter how hard you try to make them have such moments with you,they won’t. 
The only conversation they would have with you is the normal ” how are you doing? Have you eaten?”as if you were created for food only.
No matter how hard you try to put up with a wrong partner,you would surely get weary and fed up. They suck the life out of you and makes you feel you don’t deserve the best but you do. Nothing feels bad than having a partner yet you feel lonely and depressed. You have to refuse to go through life with such a burden. You deserve to be happy too and around those that makes you happy. 
Relationship is meant to bring joy not sorrow. Peace not war. You have to enjoy your life to the fullest. Walk away from negative people because they can block your success and frustrate you too. Refuse to settle for less when you know you deserve more and the best. 
Written By: Cynthia  Offor Cynthia  Offor  is a relationship  coach/expert who shares her experiences and link it to real life to help people  grow and live healthy  emotional lives.   

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Written by Ike Ani

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