Is Remi Adeoye On The Run?


Five months ago, October 18, Remi Adeoye claimed that he had enough evidence to nail Mike Ile to Kuje prison. The Assistant Commissioner of Police, a man with no regard for fundamental human rights to fair hearing nor truth began a serious defamation of Mike’s name. He and his gullible followers tore Mike up and Remi tried to elevate himself by bringing down a young man who brought so much joy to a lot of us on this platform by way of entertainment, self belief, charity, and fearlessness. 

When Mike deactivated his Facebook account and headed to court, Remi made a post saying it would even hasten the “wheels of justice”. A whole police senior officer even rounded his post off by saying “Lets go there”

But yesterday at the hearings in an Abuja High Court, a place where issues are dealt with solid facts and intent, Remi failed to show up. The man simply choked. 

I was at the hearings since this case has always interested me from the start. I wanted to see if what the man was using to deceive gullible adults on Facebook will also be accepted as real evidence of guilt in a proper court. Alas……Remi failed to show. 

Let me give you details of the proceedings yesterday. 

Mike, his witnesses, and his lawyer arrived court very early. Mike looked very determined to prove his case to the tiniest detail. He arrived with a truckload of evidence. 

Remi’s lawyer came but Remi was nowhere to be found. Same Remi who said, “Lets go there”. 

But the real funny stuff began when the case was called up. Without saying a thing about the matter, Remi’s lawyer asked for adjournment. The judge asked on what grounds. The lawyer said that his elder brother’s mother inlaw died two weeks ago. The entire courtroom exploded in laughter. 

The judge asked him if that was all. He then said that he also lost his own mother in law last week. Again, the court fell into delirious laughter. The judge refused to grant an adjournment and insisted that the case begin. 

In his ruling, the judge described Remi’s lawyer’s excuse as “untenable”. He reminded the court that back in December, even when Remi had not been served a summons, he sent his lawyer to court so he could have stories to write on Facebook. How can somebody who had enough evidence 5 months ago not be ready with his defence now? 

So Mike’s lawyer began the examination of Mike. Asked the foundational questions. 

Mire drama ensued when Remi’s lawyer was asked to cross examine Mike. He got up, arranged his robe, and said, “My lord I once again ask this court to grant us another date for cross examination.” 

So it turns out that Remi is not ready to stand in a dock and tell a judge what he told Facebook. He only prefers Facebook where idiots write rubbish once they collectively hate a person, without investigating a matter. He told all sorts of stories about Mike and assassinated his character. The moment of truth has come, Remi failed to show up. I always told people that law is not sentimental and what passes as “proof” on Facebook is different from actionable facts in court. 

Since Remi wants adjournment, Mike’s lawyer asked them to pay 150k for the flight of two witnesses who flew in from Calabar. Remi’s lawyer offered 10k instead. Again, the court room burst into laughter. 

The case has been adjourned till May 8, 2018 for what they call “definite hearing”. This means that if Remi likes, let him not show up, the case must be heard. 

A lot of people were there out of curiosity. This case really put Mike in a bad position where he’s been unable to function well enough to deal with basic obligations. Also put him in a delicate situation with some of his creditors. Even before this matter began, Mike was always very vocal and truthful about his business debts. He never started any business without informing us here in Facebook. From Mike’s Lounge to The Night Eagle, Corporate Helps and even his taxi service. Unfortunately, this matter created some friction between him and the leaser of his executive cab. 

A young man who never denied his limitations but ….was always willing to sacrifice for others. Because things went bad for him financially, these evil folks conspired against him. They have always been jealous of his rising profile. Is it not funny that after Remi accused Mike of charity fraud, he also began to call for donations to his personal account? And people don’t think? 

Mike used to post photos and videos of His charities. He never went to the market alone to buy the items so there’s always witnesses to the stuff bought. The guy made history in 2015 when he sold his only car to help the people of Oko Baba in Lagos. It was massive. The crowd. He invited people from across Nigeria and they came. He paid transport for most of them. Shared his hotel room with some as well. It was on television. NTA news. It was in six national dailies. 

Funny, he did not buy even one of those items by himself. A certain lawyer named Anne Oaiya who Mike had never met at that point, volunteered to help him since she was based in Lagos and the trade fair was going on. He sent her monies as requested. Upon arrival in Lagos, Mike followed same Anne as well as his then Lagos coordinator, Olaide Anike Ogunkoya to the market on Lagos Island. These people bought every item. Made the budget. Today, they can call Mike a fraud? 

My next post is going to expose a number of persons who benefited from the sacrificial heart of Mike Ile and yet, they come out to insult him today. You will understand the wickedness in the heart of man. 

As for Remi Adeoye, the moment of truth is upon us and we hope justice is served. Please turn up in court and prove your allegations beyond reasonable doubt. This man has built a reputation for attacking people with lies and half truths, just for fame. He breaks every law and operates with such impunity. Recently he accused a certain Safiya Stephanie Musa of being a bank robber who could rob the very bank she works for. He also accused Mike’s lawyer of trying to obtain a back door judgement. Now Mike’s lawyer is preparing a personal suite against Remi for defamation too. 

Remi Adeoye threatened me on my wall for asking for real truth. He threatened the life of one Cynthia Ezeabasili for standing for Mike. He said she was a fraudster as well. She reported that issue in a widely circulated post. 

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This man is in rampage and Nigerians, always search of a super hero, jumped on his wagon. I hope they will be able to show their faces here when the dust settles. 

When I questioned Mike outside the court premises, all he said was, “There is a God of real justice and He is not on Facebook. Thank you”.

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