11 Nigerian Memes That Describes The Life Of A Salary Earner


11 photos that describe the life of a salary earner

Depending on your spending habits and how much you earn, the lives of some salary earners in a city like Lagos is just like a cycle.

You work, earn, spend, borrow, earn again, spend and pay your debt. You keep working only to spend and pay another debt.
In between, you manage to save if you still have something left in the account. The life of a typical salary earner is just like this.

1.  How you look at your accountant on salary day


Barely two weeks after payday, your account is already looking deserted and the only colleague that can come to your rescue is the accountant.

2. That moments your alert enters

11 photos that describe the life of a salary earnerplay

Random photo of a dancing wedding guest 

 (Party Jollof)


And immediately you hear pam pam, pam pam, your face lights up and you just can’t hide your happiness.

3. Then you remember you are owing three colleagues and two neighbours

11 photos that describe the life of a salary earner


Yes, the much-anticipated money has entered but it’s not all yours. You’ve already told your colleagues and neighbours you’ll pay them this month end.

4. After paying your debt, your wallet begins to look like this


Because you’re credit-worthy, you fulfill your promise by paying them, but hey, som jus happen right now. Your bank account is not smiling again.

5. Now you remember you have to save money again


The salary you just received has almost finished and you’ve not saved anything from it. Even the monthly contribution you do with your friends has not been paid. But as usual, you know how to figure that out.

6. But you still have to flex a little cos you cannor come and die

11 photos that describe the life of a salary earnerplay

Davido eating fufu


Of course, you still have small change left in your account, you still have something to spend and flex a little before going broke.

7. And by the end of second week, your account is looking like this


Now, the reality is descending on you and your empty account is beginning to make you humble. No time to flex again.

8. And when someone says you should go and eat in a restaurant, you’ll be like


This one does not know what is happening to somebody.

9. Then you promise yourself to be more disciplined when you get the next salary


Hunger is already giving you tips on how to save and now you are a repentant spender.

10. And by the time alert enters again


It’s month end, the salary alert has entered again and baby boy in you won’t let you rest. You sha wan spend this money as you like. Baby boy for life!

11. You remember that you’ve borrowed money from another person again


One week after, you remember the money you borrowed from one of your friends to pay the last month contribution and other debt you’ve not settled.
Credit: PulseNg

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