6 Important Things you must do Before Nigeria’s 2019 Elections


Are you as a Nigerian surprised at the title of this post? please don’t be because i will be helping you to see certain issues and crucial truths that most citizens of Nigeria ignore during election periods. a choice must be made by the electorate with their voters cards which is popularly called “your power”. but the issue here is that if that power is not used properly well, there may be consequences  for both those who invested their choices and those who did not.

Did i just say invest?  i said so because your choice for this moment will lead the nation into a period of either  growth or degeneration. so with effect to this reality, i decided to draft certain important things that you as a citizen need to take into account before standing on that polling unit to cast a vote. this points are analyses that will help your decision on who to vote for.

1. Reflect On Nigeria’s History:

  Don’t just think of casting a vote that has a lot to do with our future as a nation without having a glance at our history, how we began as a nation,the hurdles that we as a country has passed through. all these in history will lead you through a lane of thought that will help you understand Nigeria. don’t be a citizen that has less knowledge of his/her nation for that’s not fair to your  own self and the nation as well.

This is necessary in order to have a good knowledge of Nigeria because you could be appointed or voted into an office to serve the nation in the future.  can you lead a group of people whom you do not understand?  anyway that’s not the context we’re in right now. the issue at hand now is that it is really helpful to know Nigeria well before you cast your vote.

2. Recall Past Failures and Successes with Regards to Nigeria’s Motto:

  It is very necessary to have a knowledge of how the previous governments failed or succeeded with the nation’s motto which is unity,faith and peace  because the truth is every government hold these two records. don’t just take this things to be casual or see it as not important. it is the things that we ignore most times that have great impact on our lives. compare and contrast between different government to see which one gave Nigerians a chance to discover their purpose and explore the world of knowledge. from this single thought you’ll get a clue of how the government flows and which type should be in power for he democracy we have as a beautiful Nation.

3. Analyze Nigeria’s Resources: 

  Analyze the resources Nigeria has to have a knowledge of its growth. the economy of a nation matters a lot to every single citizen no matter how much some persons may pretend. change the mentality of caring less about what God has given us as a nation so that you can choose well of what government can actually with wisdom take us to greater heights. even though we are already the giant of Africa and also Africa’s best economy, don’t you think we need to maintain this greatness? it is necessary you decide well for this nation. the future is our hands.

4. Check Which Government Brings Our Diversity Together:

   Right now in the nation, there is hype everywhere because of the forthcoming general elections. people digging up tribal differences  especially politicians. but one serious question we all need to answer is were we like this last year? we are diverse in culture and religion quiet alright but you’ll need to take a careful look to see which government has given room for our co-existence over the years. check also those that try to use our diversity to cause chaos all in the name of politics. if we really claim that our beauty is in our diversity, then we’ll need to check and see the government that has maintained our diversity without tampering with it.

This is very necessary for our dear nation Nigeria because we need to maintain our unity at all cost but the power to achieve that as a nation depends on we the citizens. after this check, you will able to decide well.

5. Pray For Nigeria:

  The election period of every nation is a moment its future is always decided by its own citizens with their own hands. but the bottom line is that it is God almighty that created both us and our resources here in Nigeria. we as humans are not perfect on our own that is why we need to pray for our dear nation to ensure that what God has willed for our country will come to be.  

6. Keep Your Vote Plan Secret:

  A secret? yes! it is necessary you start now to keep it a secret. avoid blowing trumpets of who you’re going to cast your votes for. it is not necessary. what if he/she whom you’ve voted for looses? how will people around see you thereafter. they may begin to judge you wrongly because you somehow became a political party’s drum that was manipulated to chant their desires. don’t forget that after the election, life will still continue normal as it has always been. don’t let the tides of the season take away your dignity because anything you do this time will leave a mark on you.

It is good to have a choice for the forthcoming elections but keep it to yourself and wait till that day to cast your beautiful vote for the one you have chosen so that when he/she wins or looses you won’t have unnecessary pains or enemies for no just reason. maturity in politics matters a lot. some persons over the months has lost their lives because they became political drums for political parties and today they are no where to be found and yet the political parties are still around enjoying their campaign strategies anyhow they so please.  so you see you’re more valuable than  being their drums and trumpet. come that day, you’ll choose that man or woman whom you think is the best of the bests.

The above tips are my own contributions to help you get more prepared for the forthcoming elections. now over to you share with us also what you think Nigerians should do before this coming elections. 
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Written By:
Ike Ani
Twitter: @Officialikeani


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