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6 Amazing Impacts of Music in Nigeria

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6 Amazing Impacts of Music in Nigeria

Music from the beginning of mankind is always and mostly seen as melodic sounds arranged in a pattern with words(lyrics) to rhyme with it. it has always been a pleasure to the ears of human beings. even animals enjoy this concept of life. despite its basic manner of origination, it still has diverse pattern that the world calls the ‘genres of musics’.

People study it to make it more superb and helpful to mankind. the effect of music however can never be over emphasized at all due to the fact that every culture of a group of people have their own unique music. in Nigeria where there are different tribes and languages,there are hundreds of music patterns based on culture. in these all, different musical instruments are employed to create melodies.

In this article i have picked out six(6) impacts that music makes in the human life and the society at large in the 21st Century. some of these impacts may not be easily noticed by all humans but they are real by effect in our midst.

1. Elevates The Human Consciousness:

  What i mean by the human consciousness is an individual’s state of mind. when you put a music track of any kind, it will set you into a circle that the singer of that song was as at the moment he/she sang it. so depending on what you intend to enjoy from that song, you’ll be elevated into its realm. this impact shows the power of melodies over  human minds.

Some songs can make a person sober or emotional and some will set an individual into a happy mood. others could motivate,inspire and challenge individuals into having more zeal for their quests in life. so a wise choice of music style would be of great help to an individual’s life.

2. Educates The Mind on Certain issues in Life:

  Music won’t elevate an individual’s state of mind to a dimension and leave it blank. No! it must educate it on something whether good or bad depending on the type of music he/she listens to. some persons could dream big of good success because of an inspirational song they heard and another person could become a gangster on the streets because he listened to some songs that relates to it.

Since songs have lyrical contents of words, it is highly educative to its listeners. there are always some things to get to know while listening to songs. so you see that music is on its own, a school of thought. it all depends on your choice of what pattern of it you desire to be connected to.

3. Exposes Societal Secret Crimes:

  This pattern of music impact was most common in the 80’s in Nigeria. the great Fela Kuti was known for this pattern of music. his type of songs enlightened  the people in the society with some clue of what is actually going wrong  in the government. so you see how far the effects of songs can go at the societal level. the lyrics of the songs is the tool in this dimension. there is power in Songs

 Its lines are always constructive in such a way that it rhymes with the current on going sagas in the society. whosoever listens to it at that moment will understand its interpretation. the wisdom hidden in music can never be under estimated.

4. Helps Man to See The Current Trends of Lifestyle:

  Over the years in Nigeria to be specific, different patterns of music has depicted the kind of lifestyles that reigns the most. people get to know of it in songs and their singers as well. with this, people in the society come to  know more of what lifestyle is on board and hence to those it may concern, may make changes to certain other endeavors of their life. those in business will use that opportunity to make money with the trends of fashion attached to the lifestyle.

All these, still boils down to the impact a single song made on people’s mindsets. the lifestyle of sagging trousers became rampant  when a particular song was released.wearing of fancy face-caps is now much more valued than before because of a musician. so you will agree with me that music will always have an effect on its audience. it can not just let go without  a mark of evidence that an individual listened to it.

5. Aids The Expression of Emotions and Ideas:

  Songs are not just melodic sounds arranged in a structured pattern with lyrics but its also a tool for communication. some persons use it as medium to express what and how they feel at a moment. that’s why there are different patterns of  music. some other persons go further by using it as a platform for sharing new ideas of all kinds to their audience. it is in this dimension you’ll get motivational and inspirational songs that would be of great help.

6. Serves As a Bedrock That Connects Two or More Personalities:

The art of music brings two or more different personalities together. some becomes friends and others enemies depending on their pattern of music cause its a determinant as well. some people become much closer to each other when they share some common interests  in their love for music.

Religiously, it connects humans to God. there are different patterns of religious worships and prayers but one thing that can never be eliminated is ‘music’. that is why there are religious songs and secular songs. these all entails that the diversity of  music knows no boundaries.

These above points are  leaks into how music operates starting from an individual to a whole society. learning to choose the right pattern of it to love matters a lot as its impact is already pick pointed in this article. choose wisely!!!

Now over to you. share with us here other impacts songs have that you know of.

Written By Ike Ani
Twitter: @Officialikeani

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