5 Wrong assumptions Nigerian Youths Make


At a young age, there are lots and lots of desires,dreams,plans, and wants by a young person. These things all joined together, seems to control the young mind. telling it what to do at almost at all instance but the decisions are always that of the individual to make. the life of youth is never an easy one as there are lots of strengths attached to every young man and woman. the desires to explore these strengths are always there. Deciding what to do with the strengths at this stage could either make you great or mar your purpose in life.

At this stage you’re beautiful,handsome and awesome as there are always individuals who could be friends or strangers that admire and respect your personality(whether positive or negative) for various reasons best known to them. The reason for the emphasis of  ‘whether positive or negative’ in the bracket is that there are personalities built on positive concepts and others that are on negative concepts as well. if anyone likes you, it could be for any of the two personality origin concepts. these will then lead us to fish out some pitfalls of thinking that militates the negative personality in youths that deceives them into making some mistakes in life.

There are certain assumptions made by most Nigerian youths that actually mislead them into making terrible wrong choices that they regret at a later end and find hard to disconnect from because they’re already stuck in it. these assumptions are the trends they feel are right because almost everyone cherishes it because of the temporal(which they assume is permanent) pleasure attached to it at the moment. Today i will be exposing those barrier assumptions that has denied our awesome,beautiful and handsome youngsters their path to greatness for the benefit of the nation at large.

These assumption will be addressed in a quote manner as it is usually thought of by some individuals;

1. Since am Young, i Have Time for Everything:

This is a very common concept that many youngsters have gotten used to by lifestyle. they make this conclusion because there is enough strength in them at the moment but the truth of the matter is that this assumption makes  you loose focus in life because you’ll be busy  trying this and that without concentration on one specific thing. it is at this stage that you’re supposed to learn how to build a career by learning to be focused in life.

Never have time for everything you see. it will only wear you out. some may deceive you into joining their selfish quests without thinking that you have your own focus too. it is for you to stand out and be wise and face your life squarely by investing all your time to your focus. start early today it’s not late yet. you’re still young and have the time to build a better future for yourself by yourself.

2. If i Make Money, My Problems are Over:

 On this perspective, some youngsters believe that money can make their problems vanish into thin air just like that. the truth is that this concept is  a deceptive one as everyday life has its own unique challenges that are never unavoidable by any means not even by money.money can never guarantee a problem-free life for you. it may solve some needs but can’t eradicate life challenges.

Many youngsters have been misled by this assumption and have indulged into many wrong doings like armed robbery, cyber-crime,prostitution(male and female type), fraud etc after all these wrong doing which seems to be quick-money processes, there seems to be no happiness as its side effects are usually so painful that those involved in them usually wished they never indulged in them at all. so why fall a victim of this desperation assumption? break free this day and embrace the natural flow of success for everything will always be beautiful in its own time.

3. Since i am a Man, i Need to Settle Down With a Home:

This is a natural thought of most young men as they become of age. But this thought is usually dangerous when you have not found a purpose for your life. how can you have a home without having a personal purpose for life? it is very necessary that you have a purpose and view for your life for it is out it that you’ll  need a wife that will be of help to your quests in life. until then it is necessary that you stay put and have a focus in life first. first things first.

Being a man is not enough qualification to have a home. how prepared are you? your preparedness matters a lot as it will serve as a determinant of your success in it to be responsible enough to be a head of a home.

4. LADIES: “I need to get married before am 30”

 This is a conclusive thought most Nigerian ladies make because it seems to be a trend that most ladies live by. but actually, it’s wrong and not true. There is no destined age for getting married as a lady. it is the negative thoughts of people that has militated this bad concept of marriage in the female dimension. So, avoid falling victim of this assumption as it messes ladies lives up.

This assumption has kept a lot of ladies in desperation for suitors for marriage that they can do anything to get married. it makes ladies forget that it’s a man that will seek for a woman and not the other way round. for those who got married through this method, most of them are into terrible marriages that is as good as hell. they wish to break free but it’s too late for them. so why try to rush into what you could regret at a latter end?

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It is necessary you  attach some self-esteem and respect to your personality as a lady by avoiding living a life of desperation for a husband cause that act is unnatural and shouldn’t be called for for any reason. you are special and unique. Don’t make yourself cheap for no just reason. there is a beautiful future awaiting you if only you’ll be patient and live worry-free.

5. Let Me Enjoy Myself While i May:
  This is a common pitfall many  fall victim of.  many believe that youthful age is a moment of extravagant enjoyment. this assumption is nothing but a potential extractor. there are natural benefits of youthful age quiet well but creating extra doses of it is very dangerous to the future that awaits you. whatsoever sowed now will surely germinate a fruit(whether good or bad) in the pending future which must surely come.

The youthful age is a stage of building up oneself and not destroying of oneself. take out quality time to concentrate on your life, to build it up so that at the later end yours won’t be full of regrets but of great achievements that will yield you different forms of enjoyment. but for now, build yourself up for something great.

All these assumptions are  trending faster and deeper in our society these days and i decided to expose the little i have noticed among our promising great youths. These things are eating up the potentials in the youths as they’re being misled into making mistakes that are terrible. humans are not perfect but it’s necessary you do your best to be as good as you can be. You would love a bright future won’t you?
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Written By:
Ike Ani
Twitter: @Officialikeani
IG: @IkeTheMusic


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