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5 Smart Ways to Increase Your Knowledge Bank



Knowledge Bank in this context is the circle of human understanding pertaining different endeavors of life. it could as well stand for the educational literacy whether in a school setting,home,work etc knowledge is one thing that can never be over emphasized as its relevance to mankind’s survival is supreme. it is because humans have a knowledge of communication that is why  i could communicate with you right now.

So is it not surprising that there is a supposed necessity for an increase in the understandings you have. a wise saying  says “Knowledge is power”. a friend of mine added some line in edition to it  saying “knowledge is power when properly implemented”. since we have an idea of how important having an understanding about many issues in life is, why can’t we grow with it to get to a new level. growth in knowledge is allowed and in its  acquisition if  not, i wouldn’t have this medium to communicate with you right now likewise in many other issues in everyday life.

In this article, i have compiled  five(5)  simple methods that will help you to be able to acquire more knowledge in life.

1. Think Positively and Talk Less:

  There is always an increase in understanding when you think in the right way and talk appropriately in the measure that is expected of you. it is when you think well that you can speak well. talking most times without thinking brings in error in speech. curtailing this could be a door opener to more wisdom for you because you’ll be an Archimede (great thinker) and we all know that it is great thinkers that move the world forward.

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2. Get Married To Books of Relevance:

  We all have different goals in life and hence need an understanding on how to achieve them. so you see that this method will be a great access to an ocean of knowledge which relates to what you struggle for. ‘getting married to books of relevance’ in this context stands for the zeal you should put up to work to achieve getting more understanding in your field of interest in life.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must go to school to get the books to read. there are lots of  books that relates to whatsoever you need to know. so why not start now to gain some real cool knowledge for the awesome achievement of your goals in life. am sure you would love that won’t you? Read books!


3. Be Observant To The Flow of Nature:

  There are lots of knowledge that are hidden in the natural fields among plants and animals. it is necessary that you once in while, take note of the manner of these natural things. humans could learn more on teamwork from ants, likewise humility from the life a lamb and lots more. nature in itself, hosts lots of wisdom that only the observant would gain from. why not maximize this opportunity and be a beneficiary from it?

4. Share Knowledge With Others:

  More doors of understanding opens up to you whenever you share the  knowledge you have with others. it will be a bonus for you when you share the ones you have to gain more to it. never mind how little it may look or sound like. after all it’s a single seed of  maize that gives rise to hundreds of it at a later end. make your harvest of knowledge huge by sharing the ones you have.

5. Put To Work The knowledge You Have:

  More won’t come when you don’t use the ones that are available at the moment. put the knowledge you have about some thing to work and you’ll discover more of it. Higher grades of it becomes yours because you gave way for it by maximizing well the ones you earlier had. as life is in stages, so also is knowledge. don’t miss out on the knowledge you should have.

The above methods gives a brief insight on some simple ways to keep increasing the knowledge we have. now over to you. share with us some ways you know that one can increase the  knowledge bank.


Written By:
Ike Ani
Twitter: @Officialikeani


Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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