5 Amazing Hardships on Nigeria’s Streets


As Everyday  passes by, there are different inspiring scenarios that elevates people’s humor in terms of understanding . these  scenarios are usually beautiful when painted in a picture form and as well intriguing when written down on a piece of paper. When people read history books pertaining to India’s Maghat Maghandi  and South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, they are usually inspired to live a similar lifestyle. When they listen to history tapes of China’s struggles, they are challenged and when shown pictures like that of the Great China Walls, they are motivated to be hard working in all they do. Well in this article we’ll be taking a tour on the Nigerian streets and paint some pictures in a written form from the daily struggles on the streets.

Why I tagged the scenarios to be considered in this article ‘hardship’ is because  the nature of the jobs to be evaluated are usually hard and hence are carried out by those who have the strength or rather have no choice at the moment but to engage in them for the time being until things change. Below are some of these activities on the Nigerian streets that have hidden lessons that most people fail to see. It is in the things man pay less attention to that wisdom is hidden in great measures. Keep reading on to tap some knowledge from these things that are so common amongst Nigerians but yet are filled with immeasurable inspirations, motivations and lessons. Check out these inspiring Hardships;

1.The Onitsha Blind Choristers On The Streets:
 For some years now, I have been into some serious travelling across Nigeria especially in the south-eastern region of the country. While in the motor park one day, I saw some blind people. To my greatest surprise, they were in a straight line, led by one who could see. They were all with some locally made instruments and were playing them and singing at the same time. Their music was sweet and its melody made people give them some money out of impression. Don’t forget these guys are blind and are busy walking on the streets to make a living irrespective of their condition.
After a close watch and thinking, I saw a lesson from the lives of these blind choristers. Perseverance and determination  was what I saw from their lifestyle. They never allowed their disability to be a barrier to their quests in life. How much perseverance have you who is whole in ability invested into
your quests?  Another inspiring lesson form these category is that they offer good melody that may have helped to inspire one or two persons to move on with life in a good way.

2.The Trekking Cobblers:
 While I was in the Northern region of Nigeria, I saw that there were cobblers virtually on all streets, trekking in, out and around town. They offer services of shoe repair. Irrespective of the weather, you’ll always see at least a cobbler on the street. From this category of hard workers, I observed  a lesson of service to humanity irrespective of what one would get in return for the services rendered. These cobblers do not make much money but they are always patient and they endure all hard tides. They may sound irrelevant in moments when shoes are without a fault but their significance surfaces any moment there is a need for a shoe repair.
In this category, the lesson embedded is the lesson of patriotism to the nation. Just as the cobblers trek in, out, and around town rendering services to humanity so should every citizen of Nigeria live too. Service to humanity is also service to the nation. You must not hold a governmental office before you can render services to the nation. Start locally and gradually you’ll get to the national and international level. Never forget there will always be days of little beginning.
3.The Street Hawkers:
On busy Nigerian streets is where you would find this category. They hawk stuffs like sachet waters, snacks, portable household gadgets like torches, ground mop and lots more. These sellers maximize the opportunity of traffic jams to make a living. They are smart in reasoning and make use of every channel they get to make a living. Most of all, they are serious with achieving their dreams.
From this group of hard workers, the lesson hidden is the lesson of dream pursuance with all resources available.it is necessary that you continuously pursue the achievement of your dreams with all the resources at your disposal. From these actions you’ll learn and sustain the knowledge of never giving up on your dreams by actions not just theoretically. Start today like the street hawkers to pursue your dreams.
4.The Metal Collectors:
This group of workers are commonly found in the Northern Nigeria. They trek round the communities with wheel barrows, sometimes with sack bags to collect disposed metals from different places. Some go as far as visiting refuse dumping areas. Most people in Nigeria regard them as mad people but funny enough they are not mad but on a quest to make a living. They submit their collection of metals to metal melting companies who make use of them for manufacturing kitchen utensils, earrings and expensive jewelries of all kinds. Upon submission they are being paid some little cash with which they survive like every other citizen.
From this group’s lifestyle, you would discover that they are not egocentric in their quest for making a living. They swallow their pride simply because they want to succeed. At least their collection of metals make available raw materials that are used in manufacturing  jewelries  that the rich flaunts in glamorous outfits.
 5. The Truck Pushers:
These category of street workers in Nigeria are very common as they are found in the motor parks helping people convey their heavy baggage in and out of the motor park premises. After rendering this service, they get some little cash in return.
This group reminds mankind  of the need to give attention to the destitute among men. Without the truck pushers in motor parks, most people’s journey will always be delayed or even canceled because they won’t be able to convey their baggage themselves. From this scenarios you would see that the services they render represents humanitarian services even though their case gets some cash in return but that is just a reminder that for every good work there will always be a reward.
Life is filled with lots of knowledge hidden in daily activities which takes place around us. It is left for us to pay intelligent attention to the wind of wisdom and get some portion of it which will be of great help to our different individual quests or dreams in Life.
Written By:
Ike Ani
Twitter: @Officialikeani

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