5 Unknown Ways you Offend people everyday


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Everyday is filled up with so much activities that most of the time, we tend not to remember some of the things we thought of, said and did during the day. We may recall a few most of the time if we have a little time of meditation or flashbacks in our closets.  During the daytime, we meet with friends, family, colleagues and  total strangers we’ve never met before. This particular group(strangers), are the ones who tend not to forget whatsoever we said or did to them on a first encounter. What you did could be an offense to someone without you knowing. In this post, we shall be looking at some of the ways we unconsciously or unintentionally offend people around us without knowing.

What you think, say and do has a lot to do with people who hear or see them because they tend to always be the receivers of its impact. When you speak about a topic, it is the people around you that listens. When you behave in some kind of ways, it is still those around you that see you. With all these, it is certain that someone among those who see you would talk about you whether positively or negatively depending on what impact you left on them at the moment they met you. This is the reason why if you should you boost about yourself, people would easily call you a ‘proud guy’. This is simply because of the definition attached to your actions which they saw.

Most of the actions we display some times are unintentional as we tend to be so busy with so many issues in our lives. But nevertheless, there is still a need to have a clue of some things to avoid in  order  not to be making people we meet  feel  bad cause if same is done to us, it will interfere with our own individual quests in life and for sure we’ll feel bad. Well, lets check this points out below and pick some lessons for a better peaceful co-existence in our societies.

         1. Ignoring  Caring Friends, Family Or Colleagues:

Sometimes we get so busy that we tend to give little or no attention to those that sincerely care about us. To the extent we even forget they called or dropped a message online. This category of relations normally will never complain because they love us but deep inside they feel wronged. They wouldn’t want to be cause of a break-up or fight in relationship so they keep enduring this weakness of ours. But this will gradually get to a point when they begin to care less about us and move away with all their good wishes and prayer. You never can tell who has good thought s for you at heart.

It is very necessary that we start from today to pay attention and care to those who sincerely do the same to us. Never you claim too busy to show love back. A two minutes phone call won’t make you loose your job or will it? At the end of the day we’ll see all those activities that make us so busy are actually nothing that serious compared to the family of friends and good wishers that we have in life. Why risk the love you constantly get by snubbing it? Have a change of heart to start an exercise of showing love back even to those you don’t know.

       2. Being Rude and Aggressive Most of The Time:

There are some persons who are so guilty of this attitude of being unnecessarily rude to strangers and even friends or colleagues. This category of people actually have issues with controlling anger and hence tend to be too aggressive most times for no just reasons. Those around you may not complain but will surely resent you for that and desire never  to have anything to do with you in life. Little mistakes like this are so costly that even when you change, it may take time for them to trust the new you.

Some persons can be so aggressive to shout at a total stranger on a bus, in the bank, at the market and more. this will always paint a horrible portrait for your personality before people’s eyes. Would you like this to be your trademark for relating with your fellow human beings? There is a crucial need for a speedy positive change cause you may with this error offend your employer or clients and be at a huge loss one day. I guess you would never pray for such. So then why not take a positive step of amendment towards your attitude in relating with people?

                3. Criticizing a Group, Tribe or Race in Public:

This mistake is so rampant and common with countries with multiple tribes like Nigeria. Most people use the weakness they know about a tribe to insult them whenever they go wrong about something in public. Can we guarantee that there is no stranger or a friend that is an indigene of a region which you curse? From this point, such a friend may forever resent you for that. People have different mindsets when it comes to the issue of tribes and their lifestyles. But we all need to know that humans are never without weaknesses and no tribe is a Saint-tribe. Every region of the world has their wrongs but that is never a reason for one to criticize publicly cause if it continues,  drums of civil wars starts to fume.

Would you be glad that your unconstructive criticism brought about civil war to your dear nation or state? When the repercussion of this error arises, even the innocent ones in the society would be affected. Rwanda suffered it and likewise Somalia and Sudan. Would you like to have a taste of such crisis? I guess your answer is no. it is very important we live in peace with all men and avoid hurting each other.

           4. Constant Use Of The Word “I” :

We were at a church meeting  sometime ago, and we were to decide on what step to take about a project and one of us who was the chairperson said “I want us to do it this way”. That sounded like an insult to the rest of the members. Why? It was a forum of “we” and he is busy trying to make it to be all about “I”.  this man while speaking and using the first person pronoun never knew he was already pissing everyone off. To everyone he’s a pompous person for trying to impose his suggestions on others without listening to other people’s opinion.

The words we use while relating with those around us matters a lot because every word has a meaning wherever it is used. It will be wise if you picked your words carefully to avoid being at war with others.

                5. Too Much Talking:

People who talk much mostly make others laugh but when the talking gets to limits it shouldn’t, it becomes an offense. If you are by temperament a talking type, it will be wise if you curtail how to positively use it in any scenario. What you say are never easily forgotten by those who hear it but can be easily forgotten by you who said it. To avoid being an enemy because of what you said, why not learn to be sensitive enough to know when people around are not interested in what you have to say at a particular moment. Talking much is not common at a funeral so if you should come talking out much and loud there, people may resent you for that as they will feel offended. Knowing where to talk is very important.

The above points if noted would help us build more and more goodwill relationships that will be a huge boost to a continuous  peaceful  human co-existence in our societies. Take out some time to practice them and you’ll see yourself being at your best always.

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