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5 Unforgettable Moments of Primary School days in the 90’s in Nigeria

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5 Unforgettable Moments of Primary School days in the 90’s in Nigeria

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In the early 90’s there were some memorable moments in Primary school that can’t be just be  forgotten. The frequent recalling of them may be minute but when an occurrence that is similar comes up, you’ll remember every bit of them. They are so refreshing that you’ll feel it’s current. Well let’ s take a flash back to the awesome days of the 90’s and dig up some occasions that were funny but brought us this far today.
1. The Compulsory Recitation of “Edet Goes to School”  :
This is a popular comprehension passage of the Macmillan English textbook for primary 3. I can still remember being caned at home severally for not cramming this passage off heart. After series of punishments, it stuck to my memory till today. This also goes for most people as of today. They can recite this passage without any book for reference. The memory of those days makes me feel like having a taste of it once again. I guess you are recalling yours right now.  Hahahaha!
2.  Coming Out To The Black Board To Solve a Question You Don’t Understand:
I was a frequent victim of this moment. It’s just funny now but back then, it felt like being in hell. One of our teachers “Aunty Vero” wouldn’t just let me be as she’ll always call me out to come solve a math question on the blackboard. Each time am called out, I would stand and be looking straight at the question on the board with a chalk in my hand. Another person will be called out too until we are like about five(5)of us standing like some soldiers on a parade at the board. Each person trying to copy from each other.  But most times I usually end up serving serious punishments  because I fail such questions. Those days were like frustrating and funny but today it made many us great and good students and productive graduates.
3. Use Of Sands To Mold Houses in Rainy Seasons:
Whenever rain falls back then, it is a moment of contest of who builds the biggest and beautiful sandy house  that won’t collapse as you remove your hands from beneath it. We would gather and build several houses and check out whose is more beautiful. Sometimes fights break out when someone ruins yours. Those days were just unique as the reasoning of kids then were just so innovative and creative too.

4.The Popular Break –Time Play Picky-Picky Donkey:
This is a very popular break time play that we do engage in. It’s common in the northern Nigeria back then.  We would gather In a circular form with our right hands closed in a knuckle form and forwarded to the center of the circle. One of us would finger each hole on everyone’s knuckled hand while singing the “picky picky donkey song” . any hand he finishes the song on, automatically becomes a chaser of all. We’ll run into hiding and the chaser will begin to chase and whoever is touched automatically becomes the new chaser. In this play, what I hate most is hearing the school bell for returning to class especially when am the chaser.

5. The Commando Play: 
Back then the constant watching of action movies of Arnold Schwarznegger, Bruce Lee, Sylvester Stallone and others got into our heads so much that we would choose personalities to become out of them and begin a hide and seek shooting spree using our mouths to make sounds of gunshots and bomb blasts. Once someone points at you with the mouthy gunshot, you’ll fall to the floor and remain there for some seconds before standing up to join the abstract fight. This is one of the plays that dirty our school uniforms the most because we roll on the ground imitating the actors we claim to be.
Sometimes some of us in the play wouldn’t just agree to die claiming to be “The Terminator” who never dies. In such moments, the play halts and continues after the terminator agrees to die. I guess you are also recalling the plays you were part of too. This particular play was my favorite.
I wouldn’t want to mention all the most popular moments cause I know for sure that you have many more to share with us here. 

Please share yours by using the comment box below.

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