5 things lawmaker Aishatu Dukku said about maggi, killer herdsmen and Nigerians

5 things Aishat Dukku said about maggi, herdsmen and Nigerians
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Okay, if you are edgy, impatient and Nigerian, the problem isn’t really you. It’s the maggi seasoning working inside of you. That’s according to Hon Aishatu Jibril Dukku (APC).

Mrs. Duku, 48, represents Dukku/Nafada constituency in the House of Representatives.
Dukku/Nafada is a legislative district in Gombe State.
During plenary recently, Mrs. Dukku took on a colleague who had made a case for the herdsmen accused of taking the lives of hundreds of Nigerians recently.
Here are five noteworthy things she said:

1. Lawmaker says maggi is killing Nigerians

Ok people, it may just be time to lay off the maggi bingeing while you still can, because Dukku says it is really bad for you.
Really bad.
3 Nigerian states you might not want to travel to because of herdsmenplayA herdsman wielding a gun (punch)
“I don’t know why Nigerians…we have become so edgy now. Maybe because of the food we eat now. We eat so much of maggi”, she says.
Blame it on the maggi.

2. Maggi is also making Nigerians very impatient

As if being edgy isn’t bad enough, maggi is the reason why Nigerians beat queues at every opportunity, run red lights, hurl insults at everyone else in traffic and at shopping malls, scream their lungs out and you know…get so light fingered.
Herdsmen want compensation for members affected in crisisplayA herdsmen on duty (Guardian)
“We have become so impatient that we don’t want to listen to each other”, Dukku says. “We don’t want to proffer solutions that will be workable to our country”.

3. Whatever you think of the herdsman, he doesn’t value his cattle more than the life of the people he kills

“Mr. Speaker, I sit here, my colleague is saying the herdsman values his cow more than the lives he is killing, but it’s not true”, Dukku says.
You heard the woman. The maggi made the other lawmaker misyarn.

4. Don’t you ever conclude that the herdsman places no value on human life

According to the lawmaker, the typical herdsmen isn’t a murderer.
Victims of Southern Kaduna killingsplayBenue mourns killings by herdsmen (Saharareporters)
“You can’t sit down here and just make conclusions”, Dukku lectures.

5. But…the herdsman actually values his cow more than his own life

“Yes, the herdsman values the life of the cow more than his own life. That is how God has created him”, Dukku says.
Confused yet?


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