5 Shocking Reasons why Nigerians Love Comedy


After a close look at the rate at which Nigerians love comedy this days, i was marveled. it now has a huge stand on social media,weddings,interaction events and lots more. i decided to look back to where it all started.

Nigerian comedy took a firm stand in the late 90’s with the popular “Night of a Thousand Laugh” which gave the legendary comedian Alibaba and others a chance to contribute their huge sum of happiness and smiles on the faces of Nigerians both home and abroad. this same platform brought to light the likes of Basketmouth,Bovi,Funny Bone, Simcard,Maleke,I Go Die,Gordons,Klint De Drunk,AY,Sheyi Law and lots more. if am to mention all of them, time won’t be enough cause as at today they are so many and Nigerians appreciate their talents so much.

The thought that came to my mind was, “why do Nigerians in general love comedy without boundaries?” i then decided to analyze it from the angle of the comedians down to their audience. i discovered some reasons which are also funny…Lol! i guess almost everything seems to be funny.

Alright lets take a glance at the results of my observations to the influence of comedy on Nigerians that made them love it so much;

1. It Subsides The Nigerian Stress:

  Did i just say subsides the Nigerian stress? yes it does because it centers mostly on the ups and downs of  the society in a funny manner. when people listens to this, it helps them put off some heavy burden about the society which they had earlier. this is so because the funny jokes about it make them understand the way life is at some point.

2. It Makes The Comedians Popular:

  Popular? Oh yes!  it actually  makes them popular. take a good look at basketmouth,Bovi and others. they became so popular that western countries hosts them for shows to the extent that I Go Die now plays a role in the government.

This observation comes from the angle of the comedians personality. they’ve seen that they have talents and the only way to be known is by being popular. so they love what they do with passion. they seek for all ways possible to entertain their audience with all their might. their mentality of carrier pursuance is a very good example for maintenance of focus.

3. Comedy Makes Life Look Simple:

  As the comedians breakdown their jokes to their audience, they use real life occurrences. they use them in a manner that helps make it look simple and in turn after a laughter by the audience, makes them take life real easy.

There is nothing as cool as understanding life with happiness in full package. this life bonus is added to Nigerians via comedy.

4. It Educates On Current Trends of Lifestyle:

  Comedians like Basketmouth who love to use the boy/girl relationship as a base for his jokes, exposes the current trends of lifestyle that is putted up  by both genders. others like I Go Die likewise talks about the government sometimes. in his jokes, you’ll learn more of how the ordinary Nigerians sees the highly placed government officials.

Funny as their words may sound, they actually contributes to certain individuals life in one way or the other.

5. It Blends With All Age Grades:

  Nigerians love comedy because it has a room for all age grades as even little children are safe under its umbrella. what i mean by this is that there are comedies too that suits our little children which is safe and sound for them.

The Nnenna and friend kid’s show on WAP TV  gives room for children based comedy which makes them happy and as well educates them in different ways.

In Nigeria historically and currently, comedy has been more like a refreshment to the mind and life in general as it offers free laughter,smiles and more. we’ve seen them on Tv right from the early 90’s till date,on newspapers,social media,in real life,music and more.

These are just but a few gistpark media’s observations of the reasons why Nigerians love comedy. now over to you my dear friends. 

what other reasons do you think makes Nigerians to love comedy?
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