3 Amazing Reasons to love Nollywood


I love Nollywood.

So, why should we all love Nollywood? Why is Nollywood worth it? Nollywood is basically the Nigerian Hollywood. However, we’re just a whole lot cooler. Sure, we can’t yet have bad-ass movies like Avatar and Thor with all the fancy CGI, but we’re definitely on our way there (side eyes those sketchy videos that come on my Facebook feed).

Ah, as I typed this, even Microsoft Word dared to put red lines under Nollywood. I demand respect!

Now, my dear Nollywood cops a lot of flack for its eh.. backwardness.  Yes, our ghosts look both ways before crossing the road – hello? Road safety! This our country is not one you cross road anyhow in. Sometimes also, Brother Joseph shouts ‘oh Jesus!’ when Sister Mary tells him she’s pregnant. Still, you can’t write us off completely.

Recently, the film ‘The Wedding Party’ starring our fave Nollywood fairytale couple, now the Wellingtons (for more details, check the hashtag #BAAD17, thank me later), got a lot of people excited. A lot of people said this was such a refreshing movie, and it was a step in the right direction for Nollywood.

The amazing parents of the bride.play

The amazing parents of the bride.


However, I am of the school of thought that we’ve always been popping in Nollywood. Here are 3 reasons why:

Unique Stories

The fact that Nollywood is developed in a specific region allows for all sorts of unique stories to be told. Nigeria is a crazy place, no doubt, with a lot of crazy awesome characters. Nollywood allows for the bringing of such people to light. Be it a palace maid capturing the heart of the prince (as always), or an uncle that visited South Africa coming back with American accent.

Gerara here man.play

Gerara here man.

(Nigerian Voice)


Type casting is basically when you get used to one actor/actress playing a particular role in different films. In Hollywood, people like Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson are unapologetic bad-asses, Morgan Freeman is the man we all want in our life, advising us.

Nollywood’s typecasting is hilarious! We have people like Kanayo O. Kanayo, known as the uncle who has ‘that room’ in his suspiciously large mansion where you can’t enter. In his spare time, he allows babies to be pounded in a mortar (I shall never forget Billionaires Club) and his brother-in-cult, Kenneth Okonkwo.

Wicked Mother-in-law.play

Wicked Mother-in-law.


Patience Ozokwor is the wicked mother in law or harsh/crazy mother. Pete Edochie is always the father of fathers, the ultimate patriarch…need I go on? Chiwetalu Agu, one of my absolute favourites, is the ever-wicked relative – father, uncle or even cousin – always having a punch line repeated through the film. Jim Iyke and Mike Ezuronye are always frustrated.

The type casting is simply amazing, and you can only get it in Nollywood!

Favourite Heart-throb.play

Favourite Heart-throb.


I’m sure someone out there is giving me side eyes! Ehen, and so? Is it your post? Yul Edochiedeserved a point of his own because he’s simply that… Yul Edochie. I watched a film of him as a prince, and the film was so on point, I found myself becoming  a huge fan. The script was like nothing I’d ever seen before from Nollywood, and I was quite proud.

Anyway, Yul Edochie is the ‘it’ guy, okay? I mean, now he’s entering politics, leaving us with our ever-loved RMD, but I’m not complaining I guess. Apart from Yul, we’ve had some amazing faces – Ramsey Nouah, Muna Obiekwe (my first Nollywood crush, RIP), Nonso Diobi, Desmond Elliot.. etc. The ladies have always been popping too! We have timeless faces like Omotola, Genevieve and Mercy Johnson.

Ah, I’ve always loved my Nollywood. From the movies that have characters crying for about 75% of the movie (Mercy Johnson, Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha, Nkiru Sylvanus) to the shopping or party scenes that go on for 5 minutes. My Nollywood has always had great, hilarious stories to tell. Come on, how else would we have such amazing gifs and memes today? Please, put some ‘respek’ on Nollywood, and I only pray we keep excelling – from script writers and directors to actors.

RIP Sam Loco.play

RIP Sam Loco.

(Information Nigeria)

Honestly, I wasn’t ready for the new Nollywood. I was finding it hard to let go of faces I knew so well, however, we have some amazing talent coming up each day, and it makes me proud!

So, why not suggest some shows and movies for me that you’ve seen?

Written by Amaka E

Amaka is a quirky individual who likes to write. When she’s not imploding from her hectic law student life, she represents to people of the internet that she is an extrovert. In actuality, she is a hermit.    Blog: www.mindofamaka.com Instagram: @mindofamaka Facebook: Mind of Amaka Email: mindofamaka@gmail.com



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