“The Dreamer’s Dream” – By Caleb K. Onuoha


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Caleb Onuoha brings to us a deep insight via his poem below. Read on.

I am the dreamer.That dreamer the world is looking for.That dreamer that has a befitting dream torender.
To get the dream, let’s go for a tour.In a place where people say no, my dream saysyes!It brings positivities to reality not just to wishand guess.

My dream makes everyone’s limit my startingpoint.
It sees every mountain as a height lift and nota blot.

My dream is an extra-ordinary gem that bringscourage out of fear,and manipulate distinct mends out of tear.My dream turns frowns to smiling faces,and creates achievements in difficult cases.It makes the world hold its chin and wonderwhere was this before.
It permits tough situations, stop its din andbring out benefits from the core.

My dream moves mountains, seperates oceansand lifts the valleys.It turns sour sweet, makes tasteless taste andcooks good jellies.My dream looks beyond ordinary and competesfor extraordinary.It shows forth at night and out shines thegalaxy.

My dream builds a nation with priceless marblewhich never desires to fumble.My dream is not awkward,it never quits but moves forward.My dream says I am a winner!!!My dream is that dream that has never beendreamt by anyone but the dreamer.

Written By: 

Caleb K. Onuoha

Founder of SolveITout Lounge

The above short poem expresses the essence of an individual’s dream. exposing the weight and strength of dreams and what it holds for the future. this elaborates the principle of living a purposeful life. it shows the strength in endurance and its overcoming strength to strongholds which seems to be barriers.

It as well expresses what a purposeful life could offer for the benefit of mankind. being a Dreamer is a good thing. in it you’ll define a goal for your life. a dreamer never lacks a vision or a minute glimpse of a possible future. so on this day, why not launch into the world of dreaming big? building up goals that will give rise to zeal for great works.

All over the world, there are records of men and women who did great wonders for their land. guess what? they were dreamers who pursued their dreams with passion and behold it came to pass and they made names for themselves for the good mark they’ve made in their own generation. so what dream do you have?

Now over to you. what have you picked from the above Poem? Use The comment box Below to express yourself


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