#EndSARS: 3 Heartbreaking Evil Committed by SARS in Nigeria

It’s no longer news that the #EndSARS hashtag which is
trending currently was condemned by the Nigerian Police recently. The same Nigerian
police have failed once again to have a deep insight into the situations,
occurrences and operations of the SARS that led to the outburst anger of
#EndSARS. This shows the level of negligence of the plight of the masses by the
Nigerian police. Well since the police commented on the situation with a the
remark “SARS are doing excellently well”
we have decided to give little insights of what some SARS officers do that
led to the cry #EndSARS in Nigeria.

Below are some the deeds of SARS that we tagged evil;
1. Unlawful arrest of Innocent Citizens:
When SARS senses that certain groups of persons are criminals,
all they do in this country is to pounce on them, violating their privacy with
their heavily armed officers loaded in their Hilux vans, raiding suspects homes
and tarnishing their image and hard earned businesses and enterprises without
any arrest warrants. As far as a suspect has not been tried and found guilty
with reasonable evidence in Nigeria by a court, such a person(s) is innocent. So
we see no reason why SARS under the watch of the Nigerian Police act negative
to an already laid down rule governing law enforcement.
Upon reading this article, SARS may deny ever doing such but
the truth remains that citizens of a nation can’t just wake up all of a sudden
to cook lies against their own law enforcement agency. Besides, is SARS not
Special Anti-robbery squad? So what are they doing by raiding people’s houses
because they sensed the person could be a criminal, so what happens after
he/she is not guilty after all? Are there any arrangements to compensate such person’s
reputation damage? What a mess.
1. Execution of Detained Suspects without Court Order:
Right now, there is a story trending on twitter stories
alleging that SARS unlawfully detained and killed a young man for no count
charges. The story has since caused outrage and has also added to the heat of
the already going hashtag #EndSARS which has since attracted the attention of some
Government officials but the question remains “will they take action or keep quiet about it?” this issue has
given room for so many stories by Nigerians who have been unlawfully harassed by
the said SARS in past and present times.
3. Intimidation of Online Marketers, Bloggers and host of others:
As far as SARS is concerned, every young man found with a
laptop, wearing jeans, and having dreadlocks is an online scammer (A.k.a Yahoo
Yahoo) or an armed robber. Since when did wearing jeans and having dreadlocks a
sign for detecting a criminal? How comes they can’t detect the criminals who
stole and kept billions of Naira in a house at Ikoyi without dreads and jeans? Isn’t
this the highest level of hypocrisy?
In recent times, SARS has been busy harassing Bloggers,
online digital marketers and more on the streets and even to their homes all in
the name of suspicion. Isn’t this pure madness? Once they find a laptop, Iphone
and more gadget on you, you become a suspect who must unlock the devices and
show them what you do with them and when their brains can’t decipher what you
explained, you will be arrested and locked up in their dungeon like cells where
you will be forgotten and not charged to court until they feel or say so. This summary
depicts that SARS is somewhat untouchable or should we say under no watch by a
higher authority in reality except for paper reports which is always a fallacy
in Nigeria for decades.

With the way this is going, it will ruin the desire by so many young Nigerians who work online with firms, companies and more that are not Nigerian based. we call on the Federal government to run a reform to the current affairs of the SARS within the country especially in the southern region.

what are your views about the ongoing #EndSARS campaign?

Ike Ani: @https://mobile.twitter.com/OfficialIkeani Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.