5 stylish ways to rock Denim jeans to work

Jeans can be styled just chic and for work as smart casual. Jeans
has become a versatile wardrobe staple that almost everyone owns; it’s
easily the most owned piece of clothing globally, so why not incorporate
this piece seamless into even the most tricky work inspired look?


Pair jeans with a statement shirt for an effortless chic style
(Pure Wow)

Wearing jeans
to work as easy as it seem might actually be a daunting task; you’d
want to stay professional and won’t want to be under or over dressed in
Note that you should only wear jeans
to work if your office dress code doesn’t frown at it. Even on a casual
work Friday, there are still ways to style it so as not to be
inappropriate at one’s workplace.
There are perfect guides to wear your denims stylish work chic below:
1. Wear dark tones
It’s best to wear dark wash jeans if looking to style for work. Light and medium washes often look too casual for work. Choose jeans with a uniform wash and free from any form of embellishments (except it’s for the office party).

2. Style jeans with boyfriend blazer


Pair jeans with jackets/tailored blazers for a work chic look

well tailored jacket will add a hint of professionalism to your denim
detailed getup. A well tailored blazer gives an impression of ‘meaning business‘ where worn with the right kind of jeans will be effortlessly chic.
3. Wear jeans with classic cuts
jeans in classic cuts to work. Opt for wide-legged trouser-type jeans
since they are sewn in the shape of dress trousers. Boot-leg cuts and
skinny jeans could work as well. Avoid overly clingy fits so it doesn’t
come off too sexy or inappropriate for work.


A double denim look can be worn to work for casual Fridays
(Mide Coker)

4. Pair jeans with a classic button-down shirt
bring a work chic theme to the look, pair jeans with button down shirt.
Collared button-down shirts are the trademark of a traditional office
wear so this works perfectly.


Wear jeans with a classic print shirt paired with pumps for a casual laidback look

5. Pair denim with pumps
create a business-like appeal switch the flats/sneakers for a pair of
pumps. A closed-toe mid-heel pump will make your jeans look much
dressier and smarter. Don’t go all out in towering heels or glittery
sandals as those look unprofessional!

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