5 Reasons why partners drift apart By Mayowa Durojaye


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Ever wondered why a relationship that was seemingly going smoothly then takes another turn of event. The reasons why partners drift apart is no brain teaser at all as they differ in various relationships but they are some reasons that cuts across most relationships. The drifting apart might take sometime to unfold but what is important is to tackle the issues before it is too late.

Here are the five most common reasons couples drift apart and what you can do to avoid or for some correct these issues in your own relationship.


Communication can be said to be the oil that makes relationship works. Lack of communication builds up a bridge between partners or even tries to tear them apart completely. Great relationships are a function of hard work and communication. Hence the lines of communication need to be open to avoid a drift.

Lack of Quality time

Sometimes you just need to learn to put your phone away when you are with your partner afterall you are in a relationship with your partner and not your phone. By the time you begin to place other things above your partner this could lead to drifting apart. No matter how busy your schedule is it is important you take out time for your partner.  Spend quality time together like going someplace together as this will eliminate any iota of drift.


Once you are in a relationship you have to learn to forgive in advance because the fact remains that your partner might likely hurt you deliberately or otherwise. Unforgiveness is a natural human response but you have to learn to forgive consciously.

Third party influence

Yes this point made it to the list. When third party influence begins to stage in a relationship there is a possibility that it could lead to a drift. If the third party influence is not positive then in your best interest it is a no no.


Being excessively concerned for oneself could hurt the other and hence this could take a toll on the relationship. It goes to show you care less about your partner and more about yourself.

Make a conscious effort to avoid these factors and save your relationship.

Article by Mayowa Durojaye

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