5 financial talks to have with bae before marriage


People in relationships
sometimes avoid the subject of money in relationships, because nobody
ever wants to be seen as a money-chaser or a liability.

But that’s wrong.

money, and expressing an unhidden curiosity about your partner’s
finances is not the same as being a gold digger or parasite or

As a matter of fact, if you
truly love someone you will be concerned about every facet of their
life, every single detail about them, and they will be open to you
because relationships are about honesty, too.

You also need to be sure your partner has no bad spending habits (SBM)

a great deal of tact and diplomacy is needed while trying to get these
information, it needs to be done nonetheless, especially when the
relationship is getting serious and both partners begin to commit to
each other than before.

When that time comes, there are five unavoidable topics you must discuss and they are listed below.

1. Are we financially compatible?

The answer to this can be gotten by asking, and by observing also.

in a relationship that seems to be heading somewhere great, partners
need to sit down and have a conversation about their finances, the
differences and how to reconcile them.

Money matters in love... so much

Are our finances compatible? (Minority Fortune)

instance, where a partner chooses to save a certain percentage of his
income and the other thinks it’s too low because she places more premium
on saving, then they’d have to reach a compromise on that.

2. Are you in debt?

If the answer is yes, then the next logical questions are “how much debt are you in, are they manageable debts, what’s the repayment plan, when do they mature?” etc.

could also ask what the debt was acquired for. It helps to know that
you are not marrying someone in the habit of indebting themselves for
ostensible, unnecessary things.

3. What are your financial aims?

Hold on with this one till when an engagement looks very close, or just immediately after you get a proposal.

This question is as important as the cliché question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

4. Joint or separate accounts?

ever get too shy or sensitive to ask this. It’s a conversation to be
had either when you are about to get engaged, when you get engaged, or
just after marriage.

Surely before one of marriage though.

Love and money are entwined and you’d be naive to ever think otherwise (TIA)

you are open to the idea and your partner is not, then the best thing to
do is to agree on a certain percentage of your individual incomes, and
deposit it in an account.

Do it in the name if your kids if you have to. As a matter of fact, you should do it for them if not for anything else.

5. How do we settle bills?

pays the kids’ school fees? Who buys groceries? How do you pay for your
home? Who gets clothes for the kids? Who settles the rent?

Here are conversations you need to have too. Are they going to be done together, or only one of you will bear this burdens?

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Better have this conversations at the appropriate time and discuss them well so you can be sure you and your partner are on the same page before it becomes too late to make any meaningful change.


Written By Ayoola Adetayo


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