5 Amazing ways to make the Disabled a Hero


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Among humans, some are considered to be disabled because there are things that others can do averagely that they can’t be able to do. Some could be in the physical while others maybe psychologically. Whichever their cases maybe, they are still breathing humans with great potentials just like every other person on planet earth. Several of them like Steve Wonder  marvels the world with his music style and vocals. Likewise several others. In Nigeria there is a great Hausa blind musician called Ali Makaho(Ali The Blind). His music was always considered one of a kind among those who are not disabled in any way. All these good works by the disabled were possible because someone contributed a lot into their lives and made them unique.

In this post we’ll be looking at how we all can make any disabled person feel special and hence embark on  quests that will make them a hero in their time. Often times, some people tend to detest others that are disabled among us in the society. They are there to bring out the best in you and in return through you become special and iconic in the society. Will you turn away from doing good to a man just because he’s blind or lame? It could have been you in that condition. Well, then lets cut to the chase on how to help make a disabled person feel special and impacting to  the society.

 1. Understand Their Way Of Reasoning:

 Because of the challenges they have by deformity, they often tend to have a special way of seeing things different  unlike how someone who do not face the same challenge like them would. Whenever you are close to them in anyway, learn to listen to them in order to understand what they are saying. Never define the words of a disabled the same way you would to yours. Their words are usually filled with what they feel. To help them grow more positive by the day, you’ll need to love them and their way of thinking in order to be of help to them.

Avoid arguing with them. Always device a good polite way of  expressing your points to them. When you do this, you are making them feel special and hence they won’t feel alone and by this feeling, they can do and be anything they desire to be in life. Would you love to be a reason why a disabled became great, Why not  start today?

2.  Engage Them in Normal Activities:

 That someone is disabled doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t have some knowledge about something in life. Most of them in the new millennium now go to school. Some are already graduates. So why not involve them in several activities. Stop the normal reasoning of “oh he can’t do this”  give it a try before you conclude on that. Some of them who you know are so good at some stuffs deserve some recognition.

When you recognize them by allocating some responsibilities to them amongst   those that are not like them in different scenarios, they will begin to see the special talents that are hidden in them that couldn’t shine because no one bothered coming their way. They will be great and productive the moment we all give them all the attention they deserve. Nigerian Music Writer/singer/producer Asuquo Cohbams wouldn’t have been where he is today if no one cared to contribute into his life while he was growing up. Why not be a reason for a growth in someone in your time?

3. Teach Them What They Never Knew:

 Most people believe that the best help you can offer  a disabled person is to give them some money. That’s a wrong notion. There is a lot more to do for them than giving them alms. They are not beggars by birth. They have a purpose and roles to play in the society just like you. They are not inferior humans as some people  take them to be. A blind man can teach you sensitivity  in a very  simple language. This is because nature gave it to him in large proportions since he can’t see. But you who can see do not know the way to have such until a blind man show you how. So you see that they are unique and deserve the best from you.

Share with them knowledge about so many things that most of their kind find hard to do or see as impossible. I once saw a video of Tony Melendez, an armless man by birth who was playing an acoustic guitar with his feet. It was astonishing at the later end but when he started at the age of 16, many people told him it can’t be possible. I guess a good teacher made it possible. He kept learning and became a celebrity because someone was there for him all the way. Would you volunteer to help teach something you do best to at least one disabled person in your time?

4. Encourage Them When They Fail:

There is a common feeling of  “oh! It is because am disabled” amongt them whenever they fail something that others that are not like them do easily. You could be a source of inspiration to correct this wrong notion that brings weakness in them. A word or two from you could do the magic. Why not take a chance? A little push could be the breaking point that will change their lives forever. Steve Wonder may have almost given up while learning the Piano but he never gave up because someone was saying the right words to him at those moments of weakness.

Asuquo Cohbams shared a story how those around them helped him to learn how to trust while growing up. He said his friends were always there to tell him to jump whenever there was a hole before him even though they would on some occasion make him jump when there is no hole in front of him. He was blind but his friends and family helped him to learn trust and love. And such a man can in reflex reciprocate love without any delay because someone had the time to teach him things he never knew.

5.  Hold Contests/Shows For Them:

Now this may sound impossible to some people but trust me on this one because these guys have talents to show off. When shows are held in their names, they will feel a sense of belonging to the society. With this medium, they’ll be known and could get governmental and organizational promotions and supports in all their quests in life. Shows can always go a long in bring them to limelight. You can always be a contributor to them via this medium.

Shows/events brought many of them to the top and success of their quests in life.  Today should Steve Wonder be an invited guest  Artist to a Nigerian Musical Concert, am sure the auditorium to be used would be filled up with a large audience both in and out.  This is an evidence of how a honor to them by event can change their lives for the greater better.

Everyday is filled with lots of good things that awaits our stimulation to it to make it a reality. Why not take chance whenever they pop up by making use of this tips above. Your contributions to humanity could make someone’s life better and also become a blessing to you as well.

What other ways can We Make  A Disabled A Hero? Please Share By Commenting Below!!!

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