Xscape Is On The Verge Of Breaking Up (See Details)

 Chile you know we got industry ears. The street is telling us there is
currently a rift between Tiny and Kandi because Tiny feels like Kandi is
causing bad press and she doesn’t want it to cause people to return
their tickets (which many fans have threatened). She took it upon her
self to release a statement on Insta concerning the WWHL interview that
wasn’t well received.

Kandi really did ruin that interview. She could have said that
recording the new album is bad timing because she has so many things
going on but she wishes them well. She didn’t even have the decency to
say that.

Tiny also felt slighted when Kandi announced that her and TI are
still together. As you all know Tiny has not dropped the divorce but has
asked for an extension on the court date (claiming because she needs an
itemized list of TI’s investors).

Tiny is tired of Kandi causing the group bad press. She has said a
number of times that the reunion happened “by mistake”. Tiny disagrees
with the way Kandi is airing out their dirty laundry. Kandi is so used
to the RHOA environment and telling it all that she doesn’t realize with
a group you have to sometimes put up a united front.

Truth is Tiny is enjoying having her singing career back and getting
out of TI’s shadow. So we understand why she decided to record with the
girls. Kandi recently did an interview:

“It’s always drama,” admits Burruss, who won’t be recording new music
with the rest of the R&B group. “We all think differently when it
comes to handling business, or at least, the three of them think
differently than me. It’s always them three against me, and We feel like
I’m always made to be the villain. It’s really irritating and

Kandi is upset with Tiny for doing the new album with “the girls”. It
seems Kandi has been the root to Xscape’s problems and not the Scott
sisters. We do think she envy’s LaTocha’s voice and the fan’s preference
for her voice. We believe she also feels Tiny is siding with “the
girls” and should always side with her because the sisters stick

Tamika apologized to Kandi multiple times now. On the radio, in
person, on the phone and even on their TVOne Unsung. Kandi hold on to a
grudge for so long. LaTocha seems very conservative and like she is
there to work not put up with Kandi’s tantrums.

We like Kandi, but she clearly feels she has outgrown the group and
doesn’t want to be there. Se should give them their blessing to continue
without her after this tour. Once they start doing shows overseas
(sources tell us they have multiple offers in the UK and Asia) and
figure out a work-around Kandi’s verses they will do just fine as a

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