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Tech: Sean Astin talks about the most shocking scene from ‘Stranger Things 2’



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The second season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things
introduced viewers to Bob Newby (played by Sean Astin) a naive, tech
geek and love interest of Joyce Byers. There’s one scene that likely
took viewers by surprise. We spoke wth Sean at the launch of the Sharper Image pop-up shop in Times Square to ask about the moment and how much he is like the character in the show. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Following is a transcript of the video.

Sean Astin: Demodogs in “Stranger Things” are not
well-trained. And they don’t feed them. So that when it’s time for them
to eat an actor, there like genuinely hungry.

I didn’t know what the exact fate of my character was. I knew that it
wasn’t going to be good. But I don’t think they knew when I signed on
how old Bob Newby was going to meet his fate. Meet his end.

But, no, when I finally read it, it was episode 8 that that happens.
When I finally read that, it was it felt good, because it was sad that I
was going to get killed off the show, but it was good, because it was
like this is a heroic death, facing down the Demodogs, rescuing
everybody, and then dying a little.

You know, you can’t see it when you’re watching it, but they put kind
of a baste on the costume. That really attracts them. They have
incredible sense of smell.

So to be compared with Barb is a good thing, because it means that
you’re … people have affection for you. You instantly liked her. She
was the moral center with her relationship. And then you don’t know what
happens to her.

I was a card-carrying #JusticeforBarb foot soldier. Bob, on the other
hand, gets to, he has a full range of experience, and it’s it’s no
surprise what’s happened to him. It’s sad, so I don’t think Bob Needs
justice. It’s nice to be remembered. I’m more of a Bob Newby superhero
hashtag guy, personally, but it’s not really up to me.

Am I good at brainteasers in real life?

You don’t mean answering questions, you mean puzzles.

No. Hahaha … I love them though! I love them

My dad used to have “Eyeball Benders.” And other kinds of magazines
that would test you and stuff. And when you finally get good at
something, there’s nothing more satisfying in the world. But unlike Bob
Newby, I do not have the instant acuity to excel in that way.

I used to dream about the idea of something that could fly that would
take pictures. When I was a little boy, 7 years old, I dreamed about
that. And now you can come to Sharper Image, and there’s like little
ones, and big ones and ones that hold digital cameras.

Chris Snyder: Have you flown a drone before?

Sean Astin: I have flown drones. Have I flown a
drone? Yes, I have flown drones. I have flown drones into my aunt at
Thanksgiving. That wasn’t good. But now they have a feature in the
drones that has automatic takeoff and landing, which I don’t need. But
it might be good to have.

I’ve raced drones with my kids in my house till they cry, because I will win.

Will we ever see Bob again? I don’t know. He’s pretty good and dead.
But anything’s possible in a series. So you never … uh …

I’ve heard some interesting theories. About how he’s not really dead.
About how he’s actually a Demogorgon himself. But I think that maybe a
little … It’s very nice that people are trying to keep me around.

I told my daughter, who is a huge fan of the show, my 12-year-old
daughter, Bella, I said, “What are you looking for in season 3?”

She said, “Oh, I don’t know.”

I said, “Well Bob will just be watching from heaven.”

And she goes …

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