Orijin’s 100 influencers tour the Orijin factory in Lagos

Orijin's 100 influencers tour the Orijin factory in Lagos

Orijin, the Authority in herbs, on Thursday opened the doors of her factory to the 100 Orijinals in Lagos. It
marks the brand’s commitment to connect with consumers like never
before in ways that is meaningful to them by championing the brand
mantra ‘Live Orijinal’.

The factory visit
unfolded as a carefully curated tour designed to further immerse the
Orijinals in the rich heritage of ‘Orijin’. The full day-guided tour was
led by Senior Brand Manager, Aurora Monyei alongside master herb
specialists and blenders. The ‘Orijinals’ learned about the history of
the people who shaped the brand; the production process and the
importance of herbs and its role in our tradition.

day’s experience started with the Orijinals been picked up from their
hotel/ airports. They were transported to the factory before they
embarked on the tailored tour which included a walkthrough of the
factory operations; a brand-tasting and a luncheon.

‘Orijinals’ heralded from a social media campaign which launched in
October 2017 when the brand declared its intentions to collaborate with
100 Nigerians who are in touch with their roots, born in the street,
spirited and live Orijinal.

The Orijinal
100 was created to collaborate and celebrate the richness of tradition
and an originality that is evolving through time, we believe that in our
roots and our traditions lie our power to write our story for the

Marketing Director, Guinness
Nigeria Plc, Adenike Adebola at the influencers’ induction said “We’re
excited to announce our Orijinal 100 and can’t wait to unlock the
imagination that lives in these unique individuals.

Orijinals are men are women from all works of life – we have designers,
artists, farmers, celebrities, nurses to name a few. They are proud of
where there are from and are charting a new path for their futures –

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Expertly blended from root to bottle, Orijin was born on the streets inspired by the African tradition of herbal drinks but using the very latest techniques. Orijin revolutionized herbal alcohol by using our creative thinking to take the best from the past and make it relevant for today. This is all about celebrating the orijinality and creative thinking of Nigerians.


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