Nigerian’s Robotics Company founded by Silas Adekunle just signed a Sales Deal with Apple


Silas Adekunle, the Founder and CEO of Reach Robotics, just signed an exclusive sales deal with Apple.  Silas’
company has built the world’s first augmented reality gaming robots,
and it looks like he can only break more ground. Reach Robotics signed
an exclusive sales deal with Apple. This deal will see his robots,
Mekamon, sold exclusively in Apple stores in the UK and US. 

What the heck is a MekaMon?

Meka Monsters. These robots combine real world game play with augmented
reality, seamlessly. The robots are made of plastic, and are controlled
from a smartphone app, which actually creates the virtual world for
battle and exploring.

Silas told Techcrunch:
demoed to (Apple) at GDC. One of our investors set up a meeting and
they loved it. At the time, I didn’t know they were going to announce
ARKit. When I saw it, it made sense. It was the right direction.”
will be able to choose between real world play or and augmented
reality. And from what we see in the videos, the robots will be able to
move and use any as cover. 

What does this mean for MekaMon, long term? 

of all, when a company like Apple wants to do business with you, it’s
all the valuation you need to be taken seriously. Also, Reach Robotics
just raised $7.5 million in funding to help them build better robots. In
the U.S. alone, there are over 260 Apple Stores. This could be a great
way for the U.K. company to break into the American market, and help
find new markets. The future, for Reach Robotics, has a lot of MekaMons
in it. 
The apps for the robots are
compatible with both iOS and Android. The best part? You can actually
personalise your MekaMon with weapons and shields.

Let’s talk about Silas Adekunle.

“Hay, you people are claiming he’s a Nigerian because he has a Nigerian name yen yen yen.”
he’s actually Nigerian. He was born in Nigeria and lived here till he
was 11, then he moved to the UK with his family. He studied at the
University of the West of England, where he graduated with a 1st Class,
before going on to hold a residency at the Pervasive Media Studio. His
focus project was of course, the Meka Monsters.
2015, he was accepted into Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator, powered by
Techstars in San Diego, U.S.A. Qualcomm, by the way, one of the biggest
processor manufacturers in the world.
Speaking about this at the time, he said:
felt we were at a stage where we needed acceleration, we’d built some
proof of concept robots and proved that we could solve some of the
challenges that were stopping products like this coming to market. For
the next stage we needed mentorship and experience, specifically based
around hardware startups and robotics companies. Techstar’s business
building experience and Qualcomm’s technical experience fit the bill.”
going from daydreaming about this product, to signing a partnership
deal with one of the most valuable companies in the world.
That’s incredible.


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