MIKE ILE: Is there a Grand CONSPIRACY? (Screenshots Included)


 Let’s assume for a moment
that the policeman is only acting on reports that have come to him.
Let’s call Mike a devil for a second. A lot of people have written a lot
of stuff about him. Still, the major allegations is one of fraud,
right? And since he has taken that matter to court, not much can be said
about it until the hearings begin. So we wait. There is also no need
speaking of the debts he owes. He has never denied those. He also said
he was making efforts to pay up his genuine debts. But there is a group
of persons who have come out to speak ill of Mike and I cannot wrap my
mind around it.


People he helped, uplifted to the best of his
capabilities. How they also joined the bandwagon is a wonder to me. How
do you encounter a man in one moment of pure amazement and miracle, yet
speak of him as the devil the very next moment? Some beneficiaries of
his charities who, in secret, praise him to the highest heavens. But
when dude deactivated his account, some of these cretins began to make
posts all over the place. There is a philosophy I work by. Even if the
world calls a man the devil, if he did me good in my own personal
friendship with him, I will call him good. If he was bad to anyone, I
don’t know why he did it. But Mike was good to a lot of people.


Maxwell Iwezor has never stopped speaking great things about Mike
because Mike met a very tiny need of his at a very important time. I
also remember the number of occasions that Facebook friends of Mike were
stranded in Abuja, male and female, and dude gave them shelter when
they could have slept under bridges. Those of us who know him are aware
that if you had a problem and Mike could solve it, he would put himself
on the line. I remember a certain lawyer who made a post here, I think
his name is Kingsley Nwachukwu, about the day he traveled to Abuja for
his call to bar. His pre-planned host had failed him at the last minute
and he called Mike at short notice. Mike not only lodged him, his
girlfriend, and a third friend in a hotel, he also dropped instructions
in a nearby restaurant for their feeding. And he has replicated that
benevolence to many Facebook friends even though he never makes posts
about those ones.


Recall that sometime last year, Mike drove 7 hours to
give one Mrs Ogundipe a generator set to start her popcorn business at a
border town in Ogun state. We saw the videos.   One Vivian in a screen
shot below has had only one encounter with Mike. Mike helped her. She
confessed it inbox to someone else. Yet she mocked him when this saga
began. This calls the nature of human beings to question. A man who has
not wronged you cannot be a bad man to you. I also see here, another
lady who followed him on a trip to handle a rape issue and she defended
him when he was accused once. She did so from first hand experience. But
today, due to herd mentality, she does not speak with him anymore. Not
that I can blame anybody. Friendships these days are only at the tip of
tongues. Gone are the days where a man was judged by the true content of
his character.


Social Media these days can even pit you against your
own blood and make you doubt your sanity. My post is not to defend Mike
nor clear him of any of the allegations against him. But I know that a
man who once sold his only car for the people of Oko Baba community in
Lagos state
cannot be all that bad. If anything, it gives him the right
to fair hearings. He will get that in court only, which is the reason he
filed his case there. One does not expect people he blocked on Facebook
to be happy with him. One cannot expect his political enemies not to
take advantage of this situation and make it worse than it is. As for
his accuser in chief, there’s been a shift from the main allegations to
too many other issues that are not even relevant. It begs the question,
what exactly is the end game here? Since this began, Mike has done all
the right things;

1. He has gone to the police to submit a petition.

Surrendered himself when he learned that a warrant was out for his

3. Went to court to file a case against his accuser.

4. Has
remained silent despite all pressure to talk. He has not come out
publicly to insult anybody.

5. Awaits proper justice via the court as
that’s the only place where sentiments do not win


 I have never stopped saying it, if you take a
moment, pause, and reflect on your personal dealings with the guy, you
will know that he motivated a lot of people, gave us reasons to smile,
and connected many others. Remember that case of John the TIV boy? That
young man has a life today because of Mike. As do many others. Will John
ever call Mike a bad man?


So why would some of these ones who only ever
benefited from the milk of his kindness join in the attacks against a
guy who may or may not be guilty? Whatever happens, Mike is human like
we all are, and he will be remembered for a lot of things beautiful.
While we await the court ruling, I celebrate Mike Ile today. He helped
some of us know that we can create something out of nothing. Anybody
could owe debts if they pass through tough times. Too many of those
insulting him here also do. Buhari borrowed money to buy form. We don’t
even know if he has paid back. Ben Bruce had his cinema seized by AMCON because he borrowed N11Bn  and didn’t pay back. Even Dangote has
had his name printed among debtors in national dailies. Nobody gets
killed over debts. I want to hope that he pays up those he owes genuine
debts. But he insists that of the two women he allegedly defrauded, he
will fight it to the end in court. I hope that the many persons whose
lives he made beautiful one way or another will remember. Even if they
don’t, God does.

Below are some chat screenshots showing how some persons back stabbed Mike despite his support to them in time past

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Mike and friends at the Mike’s Lounge Opening

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