Meet Nigeria’s Finest Facebook Nurse ‘Orie Brenda’ A.k.a NurseB (PHOTOS)


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Today, we want to talk about a young, beautiful, kind hearted, ever smiling medical Nurse
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by the name Orie Brenda A.k.a NurseB. Are you wondering why we are using so many adjectives to qualify her personality? well, last we checked, she is so. Lol! This rare gem, has shown the world we are in that, everything we have in our hands can be used as a medium to save our lives from diseases and other medical challenges. You wonder what such mediums are right? well it’s nothing other than the social media platforms which we have been enjoying for over a decade now.

 Nurse Brenda being a smart and compassionate person, saw a need to help mankind via educating people on matters relating to health and after such a thought, decided that the best option to employ was to open an interactive Facebook group she titled ‘Nurse B’ which was an acronym of her name ‘Nurse Brenda’. In this very group, she daily educates her friends online on lots of medical topics. Just like the Winlos, she uses Fun and Facts to teach her audience. Her sense of humor is amazing that she puts a smile on your face while you learn at her feet in the group. The group is barely 4 months but it’s already growing fast in terms of interaction and membership. This simply shows that the desire she had at the beginning to bless the online community with simple and complex medical knowledge was born out of a purpose driven life.

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Well, outside her profession, NurseB has a life you know. lol. so let me flood your vision with some of her stunning photos.We at Gistpark media want to say a big ‘thank you’ to NurseB for being a blessing to mankind especially the Facebook community.

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All glowing and Happy NurseB

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NurseB Rocking Her customized Tee-shirt

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NurseB as a Corp member

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  This Photo shows a glimpse of who she is and what she does for a Living

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