KOGI STATE: When lies meet determination and gullibility (The Mike Ile and Petra debacle)


It’s been brought to our notice that one Petra Akinti Onyegbule,
Chief Press Secretary to the Kogi state governor, has openly claimed
that Mike Ile was the one who begged her to appear on his Mike’s Lounge
show, while also trying to deflect the true nature of their dealings
especially within the month of June 2017.

Given the delicate
nature of this case, Mike Ile, while now heading to court for justice,
is also decided to let the world know the truth even in the face of
obvious bias and premeditated conspiracies. The allegations against
Mike are myriad and he intends to tackle each one of them, one after the
other. He also wishes that each one is treated on its individual merit.
Mike does not seek sympathy. He seeks justice.
If, rather than
own up to the truth and apologize for her actions, the Kogi government
aide seeks to keep manipulating her way while her lies have put another
human in a bad light, then we are forced to fight back in every way
legally possible.
For starters, Mike runs a business. He owns a
registered multimedia firm, April 12 Multimedia. In his line of work,
business is not about taking sides for political reasons. Every media
house has the right to work with any client, irrespective of political,
religious, or ideological affiliations. When Petra brought up the issue
of a social media campaign on behalf of her government, the onus was on
Mike to either accept or reject it. He accepted it purely as a media
project. It was not sentimental. For those saying it was not a contract
because it was not written, you need to ask what else it would take to
trust a government official who took you to meet the governor himself,
the Chief of Staff, the DG Media, the Commissioner for Agriculture, and
the head of the bus transport service. Who else is the government aside
these people?
Now to the question of who was begging who for
business. Does this even matter? Let’s assume Mike begged for business.
Is that reason enough to cheat him? Is that reason enough to have made
him do a job and not pay him? But that’s by the way. The important point
everyone misses is, this was not about the money. If it was about that
money, Mike would have taken up the matter long before now. June was a
long time ago. Mike had let go of that matter and moved on to other
things to try and restore his business. He never confronted Petra over
The reason those chats were revealed were to prove one
truth alone; Remi Adeoye had stated that Petra denied having any social
media deal with Mike. He called Mike a liar based on that. Now these
chats have proved that such a deal did exist and that Petra lied! This
is the crux of the matter. That lie has been exposed and everything else
is ephemeral. Why did Petra lie about the existence of such a deal? If
she didn’t want to defend Mike, she could simply have kept quiet. But to
lie about such a matter and go to sleep easy while the guy was being
torn apart, that was inexcusable.
Now to the other issues. From
the chats, everyone could see how Petra sent Mike chats expressing her
sleeplessness and worries over the negative press her boss was getting
and how “We need to get to work ASAP”. How did that show Mike begging
for the job? Everybody knows that Mike is usually very determined once
he gets on a job. He seeks to impress by getting it right always. This
guy wanted to grow fast in his chosen sector. Nothing else.
chats below and ask again, how was Mike the one begging for that job?
What is wrong begging for a job anyway? What do contractors and business
people do? So if a contractor begs for business and you give him a job,
he does that job, you didn’t pay for it, you have to go and lie about
the existence of that job? What’s Mike’s business if the governor didn’t
approve the job as claimed? A member of the governor’s team gave Mike a
job. He did it. He deserved to be paid. He was not paid. He did not
complain. He let it go. The said official went and lied. Rather than own
up and apologize, she and her defenders come up with more spurious
denials and efforts to tarnish him?
It’s also convenient how
most people skipped the part that showed a history between these two. In
2015 Petra had done something very similar. She apologised later. Mike
let it go. Lightening struck twice in one spot!
For the record,
let it be said again that the issue was never about the money. It was
about the lies peddled by a public official who should be held by the
same moral standards as the Mike who is being vilified.
The chats
below occurred AFTER she had failed to pay Mike for the previous jobs
done. The guy was not malicious. He still agreed to do business. This is
what business people do; they do business. Despite never getting back
to him as promised, he never made issues with her until this lie came.
The fact is that Mike was FOOLISH to have trusted someone who had
failed him before. But how could he not have tried to trust her? They
schooled in the same university. They worked on the same campaign team.
It was there that the first lightening struck. But he let it go. I hope
he learns his lessons and I pray he comes out of this stronger.
While Mike pursues legal action against his traducers, it is very
important to clarify some of these issues. Whoever seeks truth should
examine with unbiased minds, each allegation and defense. However, Mike
understands that Facebook offers no justice. Just sentiments and drama.
He has been silent through his ordeal and has done the legally correct
things by filing in court and also going to the police a number of
times. He has also filed petitions with relevant agencies. The court
will do the rest.
I do not write to defend Mike. As far as I
know, he may be guilty of a lot of things. Only the court will judge
that. But when some things are glaring, let truth be told.
Among other things, Mike also seems to have a lot of video evidence about
many of the allegations against him. It is a shock that he has exercised
this much restraint so far. Many of the folks vilifying him today will be
shocked. But one would like to imagine that the court case will be
historical indeed.
In all the time I have known Mike, he has mentored me on how not to tear
people down in public because, according to him, “Perception is not always
It doesn’t matter how many people stand against one man, only a competent
judge, and fair hearing, will bring an acceptable conclusion to this
In December last year, robbers attacked him in Abuja. Their major target?
His phone. Where evidence existed. He confronted the very person he was
told was responsible for that attack and she denied it. Earlier this year,
robbers came to his house again. Their target? His phone again.
Unfortunately for these people, everybody has storage other than their
phones. This may just be the most interesting trial ever. You may recall
that a certain pastor sent Mike some messages a few months ago. In the
chats, the pastor warned him about a thick plot. Mike munched and posted
that warning. The Port Harcourt based pastor had said that a man close to
Mike was using a woman close to Mike to try and bring him down. We all saw
those posts then. The pastor said “A woman was showing your boxers to the
world. Do you know what that means?” That prophecy has indeed come to pass.
In court, if Mike is found guilty, he will serve his punishment. If he is
innocent, some of us will rejoice. One thing is clear though, that
punishment or his acquittal, will not come from a Facebook trial.
I believe that the allegations against him are that of fraud. It will
not be too hard for the court to determine that. Every other thing being
said is just additional Facebook drama.

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