BREAKING NEWS: How Kogi chief press secretary, Petra Akinti Onyegbule, lied against Mike Ile


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The camp of embattled Facebook celebrity and media entrepreneur, Mike
Ile, has began to make good it’s vow to reveal the truth about most of
the lies and half truths that have been posted by the grand conspiracy
to pull him down. Mike has been silent through his travails as he
directs all inquiries to his lawyer, Firsts Baba Isa of FBI LEGAL.

However, an insider has opened up on one very important piece of the
puzzle. You may recall that a certain police officer tried to achieve
self glory by going to town with totally uninvestigated claims and
spurious allegations without giving Mike the right to fair hearing.
Among those allegations,, this cop told the world that the Chief Press
Secretary to the Kogi state governor, Petra Akinti Onyegbule, denied
ever having any deal with Mike Ile. He clearly stated that he asked
Petra about Mike’s deal with the government and she denied the existence
of any such deal. She is said to have further claimed that Mike only
met the governor to beg him to attend his show, and was allegedly turned

Mike Ile (Gistparkmedia)

The cop went on to lie to the world that when confronted, Mike “admitted that he lied”.
Well, Mike’s Camp has now released incontrovertible evidence of his dealings with Petra and the details are stunning.
Major highlights from the released emails and chats below prove the following:
1. That Petra did approach Mike to ask his help on a social media
campaign to ensure some damage control for her principal, the governor
of Kogi state.
2. Petra stated clearly that Mike would be placed on a retainership.
3. Mike made recommendations of what could be done for the government,
recommendations that Petra accepted and agreed to work with.
That Petra invited Mike to Lokoja, and she took him to the Governor
himself, the Chief of staff, the DG Media, the Commissioner for
Agriculture, and the head of the bus transport service.
5. That a retainership of two million naira per month was agreed
6. Mike actually kept his end of the bargain by starting the project
7. That Mike held meetings with Petra, not just alone, but with a
number of important youths who were to have played very important roles
in the deal. One of them was the acting President of the KSU SUG,
Anthony Edogbo.
8. That Petra paid an initial five hundred
thousand naira out of two million naira for the first month. She claimed
it was her personal money and assured that the bulk money would
definitely be paid.
9. Mike recommended a media tour. Petra
claimed that the money was not paid but she held that media tour all the
same. With what did she arrange the tour? Sand? She didn’t even invite
the initiator of the event.
10. Petra has a history of robbing
Mike of monies meant for him. He refused to expose her when she did same
in 2015 when both of them worked with the Echocho (Jibrin Isah)
campaign team.
11. Petra goofed badly by lying to that cop. Mike
Ile had obviously feared she would be tricky. He asked her at some
point in their chats, “I hope lightening will not strike twice in one
spot”. This was apparent reminder of the 2015 incident. Petra replies
Mike’s fear with an assurance: “You can’t keep rubbing the PAST in my
face” and “You will get your pay, I mean it”. She even deceived the dude
by sending a munch of her chat with the Commissioner for Agriculture
and claimed she earned to use it to establish trust between Mike and
12. Mike, trusting this lady, proceeded to borrow some
funds from some of his so called friends, believing that he had a
foundation to do so. How can a man expecting two million naira every
month be afraid to borrow 800 thousand?
13. Petra held that
media tour. It was a recommendation by Mike. She did not invite nor
involve him. The tour was arranged with money. So if she held Mike’s
event without informing him, how can she claim that money was not paid?
Did she tell her bosses that the tour was Mike’s idea?
14. Most
of the so called friends of Mike who are insulting him on Facebook
today had their names on his list for the media tour. Dude cared about
them, he had pencilled their names to earn some money. But because of
some lying official in the Kogi state government, that deal never saw
the light of day and Mike incurred lots of debts as a result. But the
anger in Mike’s Camp was really raised to a height when they saw an
allegation that she had denied such a deal ever happened. If she had no
deal with Mike, why was she paying him a deposit? Why was she talking
about a 1.5 million naira balance for the first month? Why did she
approve the jingle Mike made for her governor as part of the radio
campaign of the project? Why did she not counter Mike’s post earlier in
June when he stated clearly that his defence of Governor Yahaya Bello on
Facebook was purely a media job he had to do and do well? She read that
post and she liked it when she said to Mike, “Your works are speaking
for you”.

It is so sad that Facebook has become a home of
irresponsible judgement where one man becomes judge and jury even when
he confessed to the world that he didn’t ask for Mike’s side of all
these stories. A place where people hide their own sins while trying to
bring down other people. Well, every dog must have its day, one can say.

Mike’s Camp has promised to release some more evidence. A few
names have been mentioned and the details are startling. • See relevant
chats and emails between Mike and Petra below. What a wicked world.
Mike Ile is said to be considering legal action against Petra.


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