ACP Aderemi Olufemi Adeoye, Threatens Life of a Facebook User (Screenshots)



 In a rather sad
twist, increasingly reckless Assistant Commissioner of Police, Aderemi Olufemi
Adeoye, has taken his penchant for criminal threats a notch higher. Known for
his extreme desperation for Facebook praises, the ACP who is known on Facebook
as Remi Adeoye II, threatened the life of one Cynthia Amaka Ezeabasili because
she has constantly criticized his abuse of authority as well as his shameful online
activities. This police officer who boasts about being close friends with the
Inspector-General of Police, has developed a thirst for blood, always seeking
ways to trail people to their houses. Since he has not shown proof of following
official channels, there’s every indication that this man uses loyalists to trail people to their houses.

Why else would he be interested in making threats and saying
he would trace houses of people with or without their permission? What manner
of cop talks so recklessly on social media? Cynthia stated that her crime was
refusing to support the very wrong Facebook trial of Social Media consultant
and celebrity, Mike Ile, whose attack by ACP Adeoye has led to serious calls
for a reform about the activities of uniformed men on social media.

Cynthia’s case is one of many such threats by Mr Adeoye. He
specializes in intimidation to cow members of the public who do not succumb to
his abuse of protocol. One can only hope that the police hierarchy calls this
man to order before he hurts himself. It is a sad time for the Nigeria Police
, already rated as one of the worst in the world, and whose IG faces
allegations of corruption and impregnating two junior officers in the force.

Below are the screenshots of the moment he threatened her on Facebook


To follow her post on Facebook, Click Here


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