3 Trending Businesses Nigerian ladies love to Do


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Lack of jobs has led the Nigerian youths to dig deep on the
inside to find out the business ideas hidden in them that they need to launch to
become self-employed and not have to wait for secular jobs for years. Well, the
young Nigerian ladies have as well decided not be left out as there are
trending businesses that they all now prefer to be part of. We will be listing
those businesses out here.

Irrespective of their disciplines by degree qualifications,
they still do these businesses part timely or full. This also shows the hunger
for independence by Nigerian women in an era where the economy seems not to be
favoring any average Nigerian who has chosen to be lazy.

       1.  Catering:

Catering is one lucrative business that most ladies love so
much these days as its returns in profit with a good customer base makes lots
of sense. While serving, I saw the rate at which my female colleagues were busy
taking classes at different catering shops in order to launch into that line of
business after NYSC and as at today, some of them are already boss of
themselves and not seeking jobs that much like others with no other skills
other than the formal education they have acquired from school.

        2. Fashion Designing:

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One thing humans can never do without is clothing. We must
all put on something to cover our nakedness and as such, we all have different
styles and tastes with regards to clothing which has become a leverage for some
smart Nigerian ladies who are interested to become fashion designers. 

       3. Modeling and skin care:

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After different styles and tastes of designs of clothing are
dished out to the world, somebody needs to market how it looks on both the slim
and fat women body sizes in the world. So, those who love the camera shoots
steps in to this line of business with their beauty to earn a living as they
grace various magazine covers and blogs across the country. 

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Skin care business is also a fast growing business in the
country right now. A good example is Oriflame and others. Ladies use them and
as well become distributors of it as they earn from it. 

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What other business do you think we left out? Please drop your comment blow


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