3 Reasons why Mr. Aye Dee Moved to APC


For those who do not know who Mr. Aye Dee is, he is one of the top
social media influencers we have in Nigeria. Twitter is his kingdom of
operation for years. He has been a supporter of PDP since 2012 until today that
he decided to shift to APC.  His move, so
far has caused so much buzz from the PDP camp as they are all heard on twitter
hailing curses on him for the move he has just made.

We here at Gistpark
decided to analyze from his replies to the tantrums thrown at him the
possible reasons why he has decided to dump his lover (PDP) for a new lover across the street of politics in
Nigeria. Below are some reasons we came up with.

         1. He Helped build APC at initial:

This sounds strange and unbelievable to many Nigerians but
he said so on his twitter handle as reported. He has contributed his power and
influence to the growth of APC from the very beginning. We are yet to find out how
he has been an invisible supporter to APC all the while. When we do, we will
publish it here for you all to read.

         2. PDP is no longer to his Taste:

We all know very well that social media influencers don’t
like staying too long in a sinking ship or an environment that doesn’t make
headlines often as their followers are always hungry for new insights from
their perspective on trending national matters. Aye Dee is not just a yesterday
kind of influencer on social media but has been in the limelight for years. Few
years ago, he caused a major buzz in the blogosphere when he had a little clash
with Linda Ikeji over some personal
issues that led to her blog being shut down for 24 hours. After that incident,
he became more popular as most Nigerians never knew that there was such an
individual who could do such to the already trending popular female Blogger in
Africa. He is actually influential.

         3. He has his personal hidden agenda:

In politics, no politicians or influencer gives deep insight
to the general public of their reasons for making some major moves especially
this kind made by Aye Dee. Recall the party deserters who left either PDP or
APC in recent times in mass? They gave no deep insight about their decamping. So
Aye Dee we believe has a secret agenda for the forthcoming 2019 elections
because it’s shocking to see a man who was just criticizing and condemning
Buhari’s current administration days back make a move to become an influencer
for his political party on social media. We will all watch and see what Aye Dee
is up to because people of his caliber don’t make uncalculated moves in the
circle of politics. Stay tuned.

below is what he tweeted that showed his move

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