3 Good Things to Know about Zakaria Nyampa (House of Reps Aspirant)


Zakaria Nyampa, is an indigene of Adamawa state and as well
an aspirant of the house of representatives of Nigerian to stand in the gap for
his people from the Michika/Madagli Local government area constituency of
Adamawa state. Zakaria is a vibrant Nigerian who is not just formally educated
but also has a foresight of what the nation needs to have and in particular, he’s
proud of his people in his constituency as he is yet to stand under any
political party yet but already has a huge desire to represent his people at
the House of Representatives.


Zakaria Nyampa completed his O’level studies at Government
Secondary school (GSS) Michika and then began his A’level studies at RAMAT
Polytechnic, Maiduguri. After attending the Polytechnic, Zakaria decided to
further his studies at College of Accountancy Jos and also University of
Maiduguri. From his educational background, it could clearly be seen that
Zakaria is a pretty good focused person when it comes to going for knowledge
and that as well means his manner of approach towards a vision is excellent. We
here at Gistpark Media have decided
to come up with some key points the people of Adamawa (Michika/Madagali LGAs)
would need to know about Zakaria Nyampa.

        1. He is a focused Fellow:

From the above short excerpts on his educational background,
you will see how precise he can be about going for new development from a
self-growth perspective. There is a saying that says “how we do one thing is how we do everything” this quote applies to
Zakaria as he applies this principle on all his quests.

        2. He has an Amazing sense of Humor for

Zakaria is not just a focused fellow but also one with an
amazing sense of humor when it comes to desires for development. We were
following his social media posts on Facebook and one thing caught our attention
where he posted a picture of himself standing close to the world trade center
building and then captioned the photo “wonderful
places, Nigeria is on the way too. One day!”
this statement proves him to
be a visionary in leadership. It takes people with vision for a society to grow
and expand as supposed. 


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3. He thought of his people first before himself: 

 So many other aspirants in the political circle come out first seeking for a party to identify with to stand upon to show their interest but Zakaria has proven that it’s all about the people and not him. We guess that’s why he is making his quest to represent them known as a person first before any political party entanglement. Political party entanglement has caused lots of setbacks to so many states in Nigeria already. This fact Zakaria has understood and has decided not to follow the trend but to make his ideas and visions known to his people without using any political party influence to convince anybody. He’s really intelligent and thoughtful as well by our analysis. Below are some courtesy images publicizing his political visions for his people come 2019.

Here are few of his plans for his people here we were able to get for now as more are yet to unfold;

 Community projects, EYN national honoured award scholarship, Library 

What do you think about Zakari Nyampa? please let us know by commenting below


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