Young mum took her life on her 23rd birthday after trolls taunted her on Facebook

trolled online
A young mum took her own life on her birthday after being cruelly trolled online.
Morrison died on her 23rd birthday after trolls taunted her – and even
after her tragic death the bullying appears to have continued.

Trolls posted vile comments on Facebook as her devastated friends and family posted heartbroken tributes to the young woman.
user – whose post seems to have been deleted – was slammed by her loved
ones as they called for him to “have a bit more respect” over the
“hurtful comments”.
The mum-of-one was driven to her death after seeming to enjoy birthday celebrations with her friends.
Grandmother Isabel Morrison, who raised Leanne, told the Daily Record:

spoke to her the night before her birthday when she came to get her
cards and she was in good form and looking forward to her night out.
told me she had an appointment to see the doctor and I think she had
been suffering from depression after having a few rough times recently –
but no one realised how bad it was.
“We are all utterly
devastated. Leanne knew so many people and had so many great friends.
She was the life and soul of the party and loved a night out but she
lived for her wee boy and Mason is our main concern.”


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